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  • News Race For The Highest Score In Mario Kart Monopoly

    Do not powerslide past Go. Do not collect $200.

    We're quite fond of Monopoly Gamer Edition; this collaboration between Hasbro and Nintendo was more than just a simple skinned Monopoly board. It was a fresh Mario Party-esque take on the classic property trading game, with a splash of Nintendo's most iconic IP. It looks like the...


  • News Monopoly Update on Switch Takes Away the Need to Make a Coffee While it Loads


    Monopoly isn't exactly a snappy game, but Monopoly for Nintendo Switch took the laid-back approach too far with a strange bug that led to load times potentially in excess of 10 minutes. You could quite easily set it going, make a coffee and glance over a newspaper before the game got started, which is impressive in all the wrong...

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    Review Monopoly for Nintendo Switch

    Should you take a 'Chance'?

    If you had to think of one household board game that almost everyone is likely to know, it would be Monopoly. The centre of countless family gatherings over the years, Monopoly is often seen as that one game that can get the whole brood involved and that everybody loves; that is until they remember how ridiculously long...

  • News Don't Buy Monopoly On Switch, Unless You Like Waiting

    Ubisoft is working on a fix, thankfully

    Monopoly launched on the Switch yesterday, which means you can finally put the dog-eared and battered board game your family has had since 1986 (which has loads of pieces missing and half the money is gone) back in the cupboard where it belongs. Yay! Well, no quite. Those who have downloaded the game are...