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  • Hands On Watching Hulu on the Nintendo Switch

    Want to play GoldenEye on your Switch?

    One of the biggest criticisms early on with the Nintendo Switch was also admittedly one of the console’s greatest strengths: it just plays games. For some, this laser focus on being a gaming platform was a breath of fresh air; it does exactly what it says it will, and it does so exceedingly well. For others,...

  • News Hulu Video Streaming App Out Today For Switch In North America

    The first of many?

    Video streaming service Hulu will become available for download as part of today's North American download update. The subscription-based video on demand service is the first of its kind of Switch, a console which has been curiously lacking in streaming apps so far. We've heard rumours that Netflix intends to bring...



  • News TVii and Hulu Part of Day One Wii U Update in Japan

    NA and Europe apps on the way?

    In today's Japanese Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata focused on the company's homeland launch details for Wii U, with the system arriving on 8th December. One announcement that did catch the eye was confirmation that TVii will be part of the day one update, along with the slightly less surprising confirmation of a Hulu...


  • News Hulu Plus Now Up and Running on Wii U

    Watch TV, on your TV!

    Wii U is a pretty strong offering, in terms of functionality, on day one once the system update is in place. More is on the way, of course, such as the TVii app that will arrive in December, while the Wii U menu on the GamePad is showing some other services that aren't quite up and running just yet. One of these icons is for...