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  • News Cube Life Update to Version 1.1 is Still Due This Year

    Will include custom maps for Deathmatch mode

    Earlier this month it looked like Minecraft was finally coming to Wii U courtesy of a PEGI rating listing, yet that's now disappeared. Quite why the listing has done its vanishing act - or indeed why it appeared in the first place - is a mystery to all but Microsoft and PEGI, we suspect. While we wait to...



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    Wii U eShop

    Review Cube Life: Island Survival

    A summer blockbuster?

    For the past few months, multiple developers have been releasing their own clones of Minecraft in an effort to provide Nintendo gamers with the closest approximation to that source material as possible. Though the concept may seem simple initially, most developers have failed to recreate it in any meaningful way, with...

  • News Cube Life: Island Survival Confirmed for 25th June Release in Europe

    Cypronia highlights positive early reception in North America

    We now have a few games available - depending on your region - that are heavily influenced by Minecraft, seizing the day in the absence of Nintendo system ports of the best-selling title. The latest is Cube Life: Island Survival from Cypronia, which aims to provide both an open-world...




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