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    Review Corpse Party

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    Corpse Party is one of those experiences that's an acquired taste; you won't be entirely sure if you like it or not at first, but keep trying it. A game such as this is less about raw gameplay and more about an engrossing story and atmosphere, which it has in spades. There may be some frustrations in the gameplay formula that can rip...

  • News Corpse Party is Coming to the 3DS in Europe


    For those of you out of the loop, Corpse Party made its initial debut on the PC back in 1996 as a project produced in RPG Maker. Since then, the game received a few ports to different platforms – most notably on the PSP in 2011. When the game was confirmed to be coming to the 3DS, fans in North America rejoiced, but similar news was...

  • First Impressions Cowering in Fear in Corpse Party on 3DS

    The kids aren’t alright

    With Shantae and Story of Seasons filling XSEED's E3 booth with so much colour and cheer this year, there was one title that stood out starkly with its bloodstained logo and bleak look: Corpse Party on the 3DS. This inimitable Japanese indie horror game has been scaring people silly in various forms since 1996, and is now...

  • News XSEED Unveils Corpse Party 3DS Details, Including a 'Back to School Edition'

    The horror is coming this Summer

    Earlier this week it emerged that XSEED was planning to bring mature horror title Corpse Party to North America, thanks to an ESRB rating. As previously mentioned this is actually a remastered port of a sequel on PSP, Corpse Party: Blood Covered ...Repeated Fear, but is being rebranded to make a splash in the West...

  • News Corpse Party Looks Set to Bring Some Mature Horror to the 3DS

    XSEED secures rating for North America

    Occasionally we receive messages asking whether certain genres are going to be catered to on Nintendo hardware, and a recent example was a query about mature horror games. The system in question was the Wii U, yes, but it's actually the 3DS that's going to deliver on that score. An ESRB rating has popped up...