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  • News Nintendo Launches New Wii U Christmas Advertising In Japan

    'Tis the season to be jolly

    Although Nintendo's advertising in various regions arguably took a while to ramp up, a fresh campaign in Japan appears to tick all the right boxes. It promotes the fun of Wii U with friends and family, as well as some of the exclusive first-party titles on offer this holiday season. The “Atsumareba” advertising...

  • News Nintendo States Its Wii U Case With a Holiday Infographic

    TVii is still a thing in North America, remember

    The Thanksgiving / Black Friday shopping weekend is upon us; the latter is a term becoming increasingly familiar to consumers outside of North America, while it's a big deal in the U.S. in particular. It kicks off the most valuable shopping period of the year, in which Nintendo is hoping to boost...

  • Watch First US Wii U Advert Appears

    How U Will Play Next

    In just 17 days' time, on 18th November, Nintendo will release Wii U across the Americas. Up until now its marketing machine hasn't really kicked into gear, but that's all about to change. Nintendo today unveiled what it described as "our brand new US Wii U advertising campaign" via its Wii U page on Facebook. Lots of bright...

  • News Ant and Dec's Jungle Romp Kick Starts Donkey Kong Campaign

    In multiplayer they're both Diddy

    Diminutive Geordie rascals Ant and Dec have been a staple of Nintendo's advertising campaigns for a while now, so it's no surprise to see them turn up again to promote Donkey Kong Country Returns with a series of web videos. With the latest series of jungle-based endurance test (for all concerned) I'm A Celebrity,...

  • News Jedward: The New Face Of Nintendo UK

    Irish twins bag a £250,000 advertising deal

    Nintendo UK has reportedly signed Irish pop duo Jedward to be the face of their upcoming Christmas advertising campaign. The X-Factor twins will apparently be filming a series of adverts and promos next week for Nintendo Wii and DSi which will net them a cool £250,000. A source close to them reports: The twins are pulling in £30k every time they turn..