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News: Club Nintendo Dates Animal Crossing Wii?

Club Nintendo Dates Animal Crossing Wii?

Let's hope this isn't just a coincidence...

Kotaku has recently reported that the Japanese Club Nintendo calendar has Animal Crossing as the theme for December. This might not seem like much of a news item, but you have to take into account that for April, the same calendar features Mario Kart Wii...which is out in the same month. See the faultless...

News: New F-Zero Coming To Wii?

New F-Zero Coming To Wii?

We're praying that this is true

We’re massive fans of Nintendo’s F-Zero series here at NintendoLife so when German site Planet Nintendo reported that a new game is rumoured to be in the works, we let out a collective ‘yippee’ that shook the plasterwork off the office walls. Seriously. Supposedly titled ‘F-Zero Z’ (which basically means Nintendo has run out of letters of the alphabet..

News: 360Mote Tentatively Titled The "Newton"

360Mote Tentatively Titled The "Newton"

In a not so dramatic twist Microsoft have (virtually) confirmed speculation that they are indeed ripping off Nintendo's innovation with a product the development team have dubbed "Newton".

We broke the news that Microsoft are developing their own "Wii Remote" yesterday. Seemingly following on from the media frenzy that such "leaked" information caused in the gaming stratosphere..

Rumour: Wii Price Cut Imminent?

Wii Price Cut Imminent?

Highly-respected French site seems to think so

According to leading French website, Nintendo France is looking to reduce the price of the Wii in that territory. This has sparked rumours that a European price cut in on the way, which of course would logically lead to a global reduction in the price of the console. The current pack retails for 249 Euros in France. The new ‘Sports’..

News: Microsoft Working On Wiimote-Style Controller?

Microsoft Working On Wiimote-Style Controller?

When you run out of ideas, why not steal one from someone else?

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and if that is the case then Nintendo must be feeling pretty flattered at the moment. MTV has recently been contacted by a developer who says that Microsoft is working on a Wii-style controller for its 360 console, as well as a version of the ‘Mii’ avatar concept for Xbox..

News: Solitary Sadness Screenshot Surfaces

Solitary Sadness Screenshot Surfaces

That some pretty impressive alliteration there

Remember Sadness? Many months ago we were treated to some tantalising production artwork for this potentially groundbreaking survival horror title, and then it all went silent. From what we can gather developer Nibris has experienced issues with finding a publisher, and this has led many people to write the project off as dead. The rumour mill is once..

News: Konami to bring us WiiWare goodness?

Konami to bring us WiiWare goodness?

In a recent interview with IGN Fumiaki Tanaka the president of Konami has hinted that Konami may be looking at bringing classic franchises to WiiWare.

Tanaka stated that Konami will be releasing more remakes of old titles and revisiting past projects as the company moves forward. He suggested that digital distribution services like WiiWare could...

News: “Street Fighter IV Could Potentially Come To Wii”

“Street Fighter IV Could Potentially Come To Wii”

Producer hints at a possible Nintendo version

Capcom’s forthcoming 3D ‘reboot’ of the Street Fighter series may be dividing opinion all over the globe thanks to its unique visual style but producer Yoshinori Ono is confident the end product will be a success and commented that in his opinion the game could ‘potentially’ arrive on the Wii. Speaking at the GDC last week, Ono said: Street..

News: DJ Hero In The Pipeline? Chica-chica.

DJ Hero In The Pipeline? Chica-chica.

Activision are planning a spin-off to their ridiculously popular series, Guitar Hero.

According to CVG Activision have filed a trademark for a game titled "DJ Hero". The trademark reads: "Computer game software and related instruction manual sold together as a unit; interactive video game programs; computer game discs; downloadable software for use in connection with computer games;..

News: Mario Kart Wii To Hit Europe On April 25th?

Mario Kart Wii To Hit Europe On April 25th?

Online store seems to think so

Online retailer has sparked a shockwave of excited fanboy chatter by listing Mario Kart Wii’s European release date as April 25th. Nintendo’s previous date for the game was the somewhat vague “Q2 2008”, and a spokesperson for the company has insisted that is merely guessing at a possible launch date. However, we’re not totally convinced..

News: Smash Bros. Brawl to get WiiWare Portal?

Smash Bros. Brawl to get WiiWare Portal?

We’ve gotten wind of rumours that suggest that Super Smash Bros. Brawl may be granted its own WiiWare channel in order to distribute new content and features.

The proposed name for the service is “Smash Bros. Brawl: Challenger” and the content in question is said to include new stages, characters and music. These items will cost Wii points to...

News: Zack & Wiki 2 Possible, Says Creator

Zack & Wiki 2 Possible, Says Creator

Could the underrated duo get a second chance to top the charts?

Despite posting depressing worldwide sales figures, Capcom’s excellent adventure title Zack & Wiki may be getting a sequel, according the game’s creator. Hironobu Takeshita was interviewed late last year and asked if Capcom had any plans to create a franchise based on the game. For us making Zack & Wiki was a very new way..

News: Retro Studios Working On New Zelda?

Retro Studios Working On New Zelda?

Rumour mill enters overdrive

We must stress this is a rumour with a capital ‘R’, but a story has come to our attention that suggests that US development house Retro Studios, better known as the chaps behind the successful Metroid Prime trilogy, is currently working on a new Zelda title that could be announced as early as E3. It’s probably unwise to comment either way at this stage but given..

News: Factor 5 Working On Kid Icarus Sequel?

Factor 5 Working On Kid Icarus Sequel?

American developer could be putting Pit back in the limelight

We’ve only just had confirmation that Factor 5 is once again working with Nintendo and the first rumours regarding the company’s next project have already begun to flood the net. According to news site Kombo, a ‘credible source’ has broken the news that Kid Icarus is the franchise Factor 5 will be turning its attention to:..

News: “No More Heroes Is Like The Arctic Monkeys”

“No More Heroes Is Like The Arctic Monkeys”

Game creator makes a surprising comparison and reveals sequel is a possibility

No More Heroes isn’t available in the West yet but creator Goichi Suda (AKA Suda-51) is already thinking about producing a follow up. I'm really willing to make a sequel version and right now I'm asking if it can be made...I think No More Heroes is a great game, there's no other action game like it for the Wii. If it..

News: New Duck Hunt Coming to WiiWare?

New Duck Hunt Coming to WiiWare?

This could be a fake, but we'll leave you to decide!

It seems that the son of a Hudsonsoft employee recently stumbled upon a disc containing an updated edition of Duck Hunt for the Wii, and then made a video of someone playing it. Our first question would be why did someone at Hudsonsoft have the disc when you would assume this to be a first-party Nintendo game, and secondly, this would surely be a..

News: More Wii Colours On The Way?

More Wii Colours On The Way?

US store Target's internal stock control system may indicate so

When the Wii was first announced Nintendo practically bombarded the general public with tantalizing product imagery, the most striking of which was the promise of different coloured Wii consoles. More than a year later and we’re still stuck with the bog-standard (but admittedly lovely) white version. So what happened to the black,..

News: Sam And Max Hit The Wii

Sam And Max Hit The Wii

Retail distributor lets it slip in latest press release - adventure fans go wild

Point and click adventure fans should prepare to get very animated indeed – it would appear that everyone’s favourite crime-busting animal duo Sam and Max are coming to the Wii. For those of you that don’t know, Sam and Max are a detective dog and psychopathic rabbit respectively. Created by Steve Purcell in..

News: Smash Bros Brawl Delayed Yet Again?

Smash Bros Brawl Delayed Yet Again?

Mario and company might not be kicking ass as soon as you expected

Those of you looking forward to the release of Super Smash Bros Brawl (that's pretty much everyone, then) will no doubt be upset to know that rumours are currently doing the rounds that the game has been delayed yet again. SPOnG reports: GameFly, a games rental service in the States, now has the game's release date down as..

News: Goldeneye NOT Virtual Console Bound?

Goldeneye NOT Virtual Console Bound?

Xbox site Xbox Evolved has posted a rather worrying story regarding the N64 classic Goldeneye. According to the site, Rare is gearing up to publish the game on Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade service.

Rare apparently has already started to seek the permission of current Bond licence holder Activision. Other classic Rare titles such as Perfect Dark and...