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Ninterview: Meet Adam Howden - Voice Actor For Shulk

Meet Adam Howden - Voice Actor For Shulk

This is the Monado's power!

Xenoblade Chronicles is an epic adventure on Wii, receiving universal praise from critics and gamers alike. Its release was so desired that it partly prompted fan-movement Operation Rainfall, and was the first of a trio of fantastic JRPGs to be localised for the West - The Last Story being second, and Pandora's Tower...

Ninterview: Anna The Red

Anna The Red

The Amazing Bento Lady!

We've always been told that you shouldn't play with your food, but we'll make an exception for the art of Bento. For the uninitiated, Bento is kind of like a Japanese packed lunch - it's a single-portion meal which is often arranged in a visually appealing manner. In Japan, mothers often spend a large amount of time...

Ninterview: Meet Roger Craig Smith - Voice Actor for Sonic the Hedgehog / Chris Redfield

Meet Roger Craig Smith - Voice Actor for Sonic the Hedgehog / Chris Redfield

A hedgehog's got to do what a hedgehog's got to do

Roger Craig Smith is a very talented man. He's done voice overs for a wide range of characters in top video games, but most would recognise him as the voice behind the modern Sonic the Hedgehog, and Chris Redfield in the more recent Resident Evil series of games, including Resident Evil:...

Ninterview: The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra

The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra

Orchestrating classic gaming music

Earlier this week we told you about the upcoming Super Metroid Symphony, which will be formally licensed by JoyPad Records and available for sale. It's being produced by Blake Robinson's Synthetic Orchestra, a prolific project that's specialised in producing orchestral arrangements of popular music, ranging from...

Ninterview: Heather "Miss Gamer Girl" Cascioli

Heather "Miss Gamer Girl" Cascioli

Avid collector and beadcraft expert

Our next Ninterview subject is someone who has found fame on Instagram under the name MissGamerGirl. Heather Cascioli - for that is her real name - has been a keen gamer all her life, and has amassed an impressive collection of vintage hardware. We sat down with her to talk about gaming, confounding stereotypes...

Ninterview: Phil "Shamoozal" Summers

Phil "Shamoozal" Summers

Animaniac has a pretty straightforward objective: to create "Flash Cartoons and Animation about Nintendo, Rabbits, Ninjas, Monsters and More". It's the brainchild of Phil Summers, a rabid Nintendo fan whose unique sense of humour has resulted in a series of incredibly amusing animations based on famous video games from the past few...

Ninterview: Australian Retro Gamer

Australian Retro Gamer

Retro gaming from down under

The next subject in our Ninterview chair is a retro gaming fanatic from Down Under known as Australian Retro Gamer - or ausretrogamer, for short. We caught up with this internet phenomenon to quiz him on his love of all things retro and Nintendo. Nintendo Life: Who are you, and what do you do for a living? Australian...

Ninterview: Cosplayer Regina "RikkuGrape" Marie

Cosplayer Regina "RikkuGrape" Marie

We speak to a seriously talented Zelda cosplayer

It's been a while since we ran a Ninterview, but we're back with our first of 2013. This time, we're speaking to cosplayer Regina Marie, better known as RikkuGrape. She's dressed up as a wide variety of different characters, but we're most interested in her amazing replications of individuals from...

Ninterview: Howard "Gamemaster" Phillips

Howard "Gamemaster" Phillips

We speak to one of Nintendo of America's first employees

Howard Phillips joined Nintendo in the early '80s with the intention of helping transport a few new-fangled arcade cabinets, but he ended up becoming the spokesperson for one of the fastest-growing entertainment companies in the US. He recently began a Kickstarter campaign for his first...

Ninterview: Super Famicom Guy

Super Famicom Guy

You can call me Stu

Welcome to a new regular feature on Nintendo Life: the "Ninterview". Once a month we'll be taking the time to talk to someone who has a special affinity to Nintendo, and our first subject is Stu Brett - who also goes by the moniker Super Famicom Guy. Stu, a 33 year old designer from Scotland, is such a huge fan of Super Famicom...

Ninterview: The Wizard's Luke Edwards

The Wizard's Luke Edwards

A Nintendo icon talks exclusively about starring in the cult classic

Although critics will tell you that The Wizard was little more than a brazen Nintendo advertisement masquerading as a movie and box office statistics will suggest it was a dismal commercial failure, there are legions of devoted fans that will argue just as passionately that it's a...

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