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  • News Konami and Hudson To Build The Tower of Shadow On Wii

    A new platformer from the House of Higgins

    The title may not be nailed down quite yet, but we know this much: Hudson's new game, The Tower of Shadow (working title), is going to be published by Konami. It's a platformer where you climb some huge tower for mysterious reasons. Oh, and you're a shadow. Somehow. It's all in progress, really. Check out the press release below. Remember, this could all..

  • News Majesco's Working On Two New Tetris Games

    One for Wii, one for DS.

    Because there's never enough Tetris to go around, Majesco and Tetris Online, Inc. today announced two new falling block puzzlers, one for Wii and one for DS. The involvement of Tetris Online seems to indicate that the titles will be downloadable, considering the company is behind WiiWare's Tetris Party and XBLA's Tetris...

  • News Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2 on PC Tomorrow, WiiWare "Soon After"

    The second part of Guybrush Threepwood's new adventure is right around the corner.

    If you've bought and played the first chapter of Tales of Monkey Island and are itching to find out what happens after the cliffhanger you were shown at the end, your wait is almost over. The Siege of Spinner Cay, the second chapter in the series, will be released on...

  • News Mario vs. Donkey Kong and Pilotwings Out in Europe This Friday

    DSiWare and Virtual Console both get a Nintendo game.

    The hotly anticipated Flipnote Studio only just came out, but Nintendo seems to have decided to continue supporting their download services with their own games - They're releasing another two of them later this week. Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again is the third game in the Mario vs...

  • News Thorium Wars Coming to DSiWare

    Big John Games announces new DSiWare offering.

    This one came out of nowhere, but judging from the little we know about the game, it could be a great addition to the DSiWare service. Thorium Wars lets you take control of five futuristic vehicles that you can use to take on the Thorions who are threatening mankind's very existence. You can check out the official press clipping below for a little more..

  • News Corruption Saves Incompatible with Metroid Trilogy

    Sorry guys - your old Metroid Prime 3 save files won't work

    Developer Retro Studios confirmed that save files from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption will remain incompatible with the forthcoming space bounty hunter epic Metroid Prime Trilogy. The studio had this to say: Due to the way the game data is allocated for production and the changes that we made in the source code, we were unfortunately unable..

  • News Flipnote Studio Available This Friday

    If you live in Europe, of course.

    The wait is finally over - Nintendo has announced that this Friday, the long-awaited free DSiWare application Flipnote Studio will finally be made available in Europe. Japan has already had this app since 2008: in fact, it was one of the very first DSiWare releases they got. Since then, they've even had a major update to the game adding new features and fixing some..

  • News Extreme Hangman Coming to DSiWare

    Gamelion announce their new DSiWare title.

    Gamelion Studios have just announced their brand new DSiWare title Extreme Hangman. The game is currently going through the ESRB Ratings submission process and will soon be in lot-check at Nintendo for their approval. The game is already a best-seller on the Verizon service and is also available for iPhone...

  • News Samurai Warriors 3 to Feature a Nazo no Murasamejou Mode

    Koei's latest Warriors game is Wii-exclusive and includes a Nintendo-related bonus mode.

    If you're not familiar with Koei's popular franchise you shouldn't be too surprised - The only game released on a Nintendo platform, Samurai Warriors: Katana, was a spin-off which was not that well received. All is forgiven with Koei's latest announcement however - The newest game in the series, Samurai..

  • News Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Euro Release Date Announced

    It's coming on the 9th October

    British fans of Japanese RPGs that feature Disney characters rejoice - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days will be released for DS in Europe on 9 October, Square Enix has just announced. In this game you control Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 2 as he tries to discover more about his days as a member of Organization XIII. Clearly...

  • News NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits Available in North America Next Monday

    Over the Top Games' awesome puzzle platformer finally crosses the ocean.

    Over the Top Games has finally announced a North American release date for their debut game, NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits. The game was released in Europe back in June, but week after week, did not show up in any North American Wii Shop updates. Thankfully, you can now rest easy knowing that the game will be out next Monday, the..

  • News Modern Warfare sequel heading for DS

    Modern Warfare: Mobilised coming 10th November.

    Activision announced Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilised, (yeah quite a mouthful) which is set for a November 10th release date. Developer n-Space will be producing the game, which if you didn't know made Call of Duty: World at War and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the humble DS. Mobilised will have a unique storyline designed to complement..

  • News Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes Announced

    Silent Dreams announce their brand new WiiWare strategy RPG title.

    Silent Dreams has just announced their brand new tactical strategy RPG title Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes that will be coming to the WiiWare service later on this year. You can check out the full press release below which gives loads of details on this new title and what you can expect from it. Fans of roleplaying and strategic..


  • News Miles Edgeworth EU Release Date Announced

    You'll be able to play it February 19th

    Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth will be released in Europe on 19th February, Capcom announced. Miles Edgeworth is the next game in the Ace Attorney series, which won't be focusing on Phoenix Wright, the main protagonist of the whole series. The story goes that Miles, upon witnessing his father's death and watching in horror as the suspected..

  • News Animal Crossing CD Album Coming Soon

    Available via the European Stars Catalogue in the autumn

    Nintendo are releasing a special Animal Crossing CD for the European Stars Catalogue in the Autumn which will feature 39 tracks. As of June fans have been voting for their favorite songs in the series. As a result 23 tracks have been selected by the fans for the CD. All these tracks feature K.K Slider, the guitar-playing dog in the series..

  • News Sega Releases Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll Trailer

    Check out the announcement trailer in action!

    Sega has just released the official announcement trailer for their upcoming Wii title Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll. The game is currently on tap for an early 2010 release and will center around the Wii Balance Board peripheral. Are you ready to roll? Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll makes use of the Wii Balance Board in an all-new party game for..

  • News Pop Creator Bringing New Apps to DSiWare

    Time to make your life more productive and enjoyable!

    Nnooo, the creators of Pop and Pop Plus: Solo are in the process of creating a set of apps for the DSiWare service that will attempt to make your life more efficient and productive. Not to mention fun and enjoyable! myNotebook will mark the first release from the myLifeCollected series and is basically just a notebook that will let you jot down..

  • News Konami Announces WiiWare Plans for Europe

    DRiiFT MANIA this month, Contra Rebirth in August.

    Konami already released Gradius Rebirth in Europe yesterday, but that won't stop them from releasing another game this month! To top things off, next month they'll be releasing a completely new Contra game which Japan has already been enjoying for a while. DRiiFT MANIA, which will be released later this month, is an overhead racing game similar to..

  • News Nintendo of Europe Announces Upcoming Hanabi Games

    6 more imports to be released this month.

    Nintendo of Europe is going all out for the fourth Hanabi Festival - Including this week's 2 import games, there will be a total of 8 released this month. You might've already noticed this list on the Wii Shop earlier today, but NoE has now also posted it on their website. They have also supplied a large image (Which you can see here) through a press email..

  • News Western Release Date For Infinite Space Confirmed

    Platinum Games-produced space RPG hitting the NA and Europe Spring 2010

    Sega has confirmed that it will be releasing Platinum Games' DS-based sci-fi RPG title Infinite Space in North America and Europe in Spring 2010. The game is currently available only in Japan, where it topped the charts on this release. It features lavish anime cut scenes, a mixture of 2D and 3D visuals and a ridiculously..


  • News Rising Star Games Bringing Fragile To Europe

    The Old World gets JRPG action in 2010

    Tri Crescendo's promising adventure title Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon was recently confirmed for US release thanks to publisher XSeed and now European gamers can rest easy as Rising Star Games has announced it will be doing the same in that part of the world, too. The game is expected in 2010, with the US release happening at the end of this year.

  • News Mecho Wars Confirmed for WiiWare and DSiWare

    Luc Bernard's latest project meets with Nintendo's approval

    In case you didn't know, Luc Bernard's fantasy-themed turn-based strategy title Mecho Wars has just been released on the iPhone and has been getting some generally positive reviews. Bernard himself has previously stated - albeit under the influence of alcohol - that he'd like to bring the game to either WiiWare or DSiWare and now he's..

  • News Hudson Releasing Water Warfare, SimEarth and Sudoku 50! For Beginners This Friday

    The first family-friendly FPS, a planet-maintaining game and more sudoku puzzles will be available on Friday.

    Hudson has announced the release of three new downloadable games in Europe this Friday. Water Warfare was released in Japan only yesterday, so you'll have a chance to jump in before the Japanese players get too much practice and crush us all online! The game is exclusively based around the..

  • News Tingle Gets a New DS Adventure, and a Surprise DSiWare Game

    The Zelda series's unsung hero gets not one, but two new games!

    The last two editions of weekly Japanese magazine Famitsu had mysterious teasers hinting at a sequel to 2006/2007's Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland for the DS. This week's edition has finally spilled the beans! Today just so happens to be the day of Japan's weekly Wii and DSi update - And from out of nowhere, Nintendo has..

  • News Car Jack Streets Coming To DSiWare?

    iPhone GTA clone could be making the jump to Nintendo's handheld

    Mobile phone developer Tag Games has posted an entry on its Twitter account which reveals that its Car Jack Streets title is coming to the Nintendo DSi. The Grand Theft Auto clone - which has previously appeared on mobile phones and the iPhone, to much critical and commercial acclaim - would be a pretty good fit for DSiWare, although..

  • News HISTORY Great Empires: Rome Coming to DS

    Valcon Games announces their new strategy title for Nintendo's DS system.

    Valcon Games has just announced their newest title HISTORY Great Empires: Rome for Nintendo's DS system. The game is a turn-based strategy title that will feature many realistic historical elements and game play options. Below is a copy of the official press release announcing the game, which gives some good insight into what..

  • News Super Smash Bros. Available on VC This Friday

    If you want to relive the original Nintendo fighting game, you can do so in just 2 days.

    The official website for Official Nintendo Magazine has revealed all plans for this Friday's European Wii and DSi updates. On the VC side of things, Europeans will finally be able to download Super Smash Bros., the game that started it all. Japan got it back in January, before even getting Majora's Mask - But..

  • News Mario and Donkey Kong's Rivalry Returns Next Monday

    The third Mario Vs. Donkey Kong game is set to hit DSiWare next week.

    At Nintendo's E3 press conference there were quite a few surprises: New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, a new Metroid game by Team Ninja... but what's also quite surprising is that they announced a completely new game which is being released next week! Mario Vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! seems like a..

  • News New Console Colours to Hit Japan

    Finally, the white Wii's monopoly is over!

    When the Wii was first revealed all those years ago, Nintendo showed off a wide range of colours you'd be able to buy the machine in, ranging from fire red to vomit green. Sadly when it came to launch only the white console was available, but Nintendo Japan are finally ready to deliver on some of that early pigmentary promise by releasing their popular..

  • News Swords & Soldiers Out in North America Next Monday

    WiiWare's first RTS game finally hits American shores in a few days.

    Ronimo Games has announced that Swords & Soldiers will be released in North America on June 8th. That's next week! Although you probably already know by now, Swords & Soldiers is the first RTS (Real-time strategy) game to be released on WiiWare. It's also a 2D sidescroller...

  • News House Finds A Home On DS

    Hugh Laurie's genius doctor makes a house call to Nintendo's handheld

    Legacy Interactive and Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group have joined forces to bring DS owners the chance to play everybody's favourite cantankerous physician (that's the only way House can be described: it's the law) with their upcoming game House, M.D., announced today. The Legacy Interactive press release goes like..

  • E3 2009 Nintendo's Announcements

    New games announced for Wii include Wii Fit Plus, New Super Mario Bros, Metroid, and Super Mario Galaxy 2, for DS we'll be seeing the new Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and WarioWare DIY.

    Reggie and co took the stage earlier today to announce the latest games and gizmos that we'll be yearning over for the coming twelve months. Wii Fit Plus...

  • News Confirmed: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    The rumours were true!

    Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway has just confirmed that a new Mario game is coming to the Wii. At Nintendo's E3 conference - which is taking place as we type - she said this: The number four is the key to Mario's next surprise. For the last 15 years, Mr Miyamoto has been thinking about one new way to let you play a Mario game that's never been possible before. Today here's his..

  • News Konami Confirms Zephyr: Rise Of The Elements For Wii

    Rip up the landscape as an element of destruction

    Konami has confirmed that Zephyr: Rise of the Elements is coming to Nintendo's Wii console The game places you in the shoes (assuming they have shoes) of a tornado, with the ultimate objective being to cause as much carnage as possible to the surrounding location. The game takes place over 11 levels...

  • News Tales Of Monkey Island coming to WiiWare

    Telltale Games revives LucasArts's classic graphic adventure series for WiiWare and PC.

    Californian development studio Telltale Games today announced plans to reignite LucasArt's seminal Monkey Island franchise with two projects - a high-definition remake of the classic Secret Of Monkey Island game for PC and Xbox Live Arcade and an all-new episodic series called Tales Of Monkey Island for PC and..


  • News Atlus Expands The Trauma Center Series With Trauma Team

    Remember, there's no 'I' in team

    Atlus has announced the next entry in the massively popular medical gaming series Trauma Center. Entitled Trauma Team, the game will expand the remit of the franchise by enabling players to assume a whole range of medical roles, not just just performing high-risk operations. So if you've ever had a craving to be an orthopedic surgeon, here's your chance. More..

  • News Introducing Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

    SEGA to try their hand at Mario Kart with Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing powering our way in early 2010 on Wii, DS, PS3 and Xbox 360.

    In a frantic battle to the chequered flag, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing sees Sonic and friends speed around tracks set in mediaeval castle ramparts, lush rainforests and bustling cities, all taken from the...

  • News Teyon Announces Two DSiWare Puzzlers

    Polish development studio bringing new puzzlers to DSiWare.

    Polish game development studio Teyon has just announced that their two brand new puzzle titles, Robot Rescue and Ball Fighter, are headed to the DSiWare service. Below is a snippet taken from the press release announcing the two games, along with the official promotional media for both...

  • News Nintendo Confirms Metroid Prime Trilogy For Wii

    All three Metroid Prime titles in one lovely package - with multiplayer!

    As you may be aware, Nintendo is releasing Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes as individual games for the Wii in Japan. However, rather than take this approach in the West, the company has confirmed that it intends to bundle all three titles together to create Metroid...

  • News New Lord of the Rings Game is, You Know, For Kids

    Warner Bros. turns the cute factor up to eleven

    As you may already be aware, EA's ownership of the LotR movie licence has recently expired and the rights have now reverted to Warner Bros. Given the nature of the subject matter one would naturally assume that Warner would play it safe and create an epic action adventure with lots of orc-slaying and plenty of gore; after all, this is a property based..

  • News Digital Leisure Announces Copter Crisis for WiiWare

    Use your Wii Remote to fly your helicopter on many challenging missions.

    Digital Leisure has just announced yet another new WiiWare title they have coming up. Copter Crisis puts you in control of your helicopter, where you'll get to use your Wii Remote as your control stick. You'll also have to respond to the various missions the game assigns you...

  • News Square Enix Confirms Dragon Quest Wars For DSiWare

    More top-notch RPG action coming to the DSi

    Famitsu magazine has revealed that Square Enix is to release Dragon Quest Wars on the Japanese DSiWare service some time in June. The game appears to be a mixture of turn-based strategy and a traditional board game. Both local and online multiplayer modes are expected to feature. Development duties are being handled by Intelligent Systems (Advance Wars,..

  • News Ragnarok Online DS slashes its way out of Japan

    XSEED Games announces a winter release schedule for the online dungeon-crawler.

    Out in Japan since December of last year, it seemed extremely unlikely that the co-operative hack-and-slash RPG Ragnarok Online DS would ever see an international release. Thankfully for North American gamers, XSEED Games have just announced plans via press release to localise and release the game later in the year..

  • News Fugazo Announces Frobot for WiiWare

    Check out Fugazo's upcoming WiiWare title Frobot in action.

    WiiWare developer Fugazo has just announced their upcoming WiiWare title Frobot. We were able to snag a game play video of the first level demo and a handful of screenshots for you to check out. Here's a snippet from the game's official website that gives a little insight into what we can expect from the game. Imagine if Wii Tanks and The..

  • News Capcom Confirms Monster Hunter 3 Tri For Western Release

    Company also has big plans for the Wii in '09

    Although many people had already assumed that it was going to be the case, Capcom has now given actual confimation that Monster Hunter 3 Tri is coming to the West. The company's 2008 financial results state that Monster Hunter 3 Tri will come out in “FY 2009″, which basically means sometime between April 2009 - April 2010. Given that the game has..

  • News Wii To Finally Line Up At The Crease

    Codemasters announce a long awaited Wii Cricket game in the form of Ashes Cricket 2009 will be released later this year.

    Ever since the initial Wii release we've heard countless sports fans in the UK want a Cricket game for Wii and we're glad to report that Codemasters has finally fulfilled this dream with Ashes Cricket 2009. The game is currently set for release on PC, XBOX 360 and PS3 this summer..

  • News It's My Birthday: Casual Gaming Hits a New Low

    It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

    The 'casual gaming' debate is likely to flare up again with the confirmation that 2K Games is planning to release It's My Birthday for the Nintendo Wii in June of this year. Best described as a 'Birthday party simulator', this title is being billed as a 'party in a box', with support for up to 12 different brats. Now call us old fashioned, but surely the..

  • News Sony Deal Pushes Wii And DS Ghostbusters Further Back into '09

    Euro PS3, PS2 and PSP versions in June, other formats later in the year

    It has been revealed that Sony has signed a deal with Atari which will allow the company to publish Ghostbusters: The Video Game on its PS3, PS2 and PSP formats. The release of the PS3 and PS2 versions will tie-in with the Blu-ray 25th anniversary release of the original 1984 movie. It has also been confirmed that the agreement..

  • News Pokémon Gold and Silver To Be Remade?

    A recent episode of the Japanese-only Pokémon Sunday TV show has provided the biggest hint yet that Nintendo is currently working on remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver. The classic duo originally appeared on the Game Boy Color and remain two of the best-loved entries in the insanely successful series. Apparently a "world-exclusive first announcement" will be made on May 10 during the..


  • News Madden NFL 10 Wii to Showcase Stylized Look

    EA reveals new shots of its best-selling sports franchise

    After a few attempts to create next-gen visuals on the Wii, Electronic Arts has finally come to its senses and has given the latest version of Madden NFL a light-hearted visual sheen. The new shots show the unique caricatured players, which the developer promises will boast amusing animations and exaggerated movements. While some fans will..

  • News Toss Some Tuna in Sega's Wacky World of Sports

    "Mind boggling sports action" is coming to the Wii!

    Flush from the success of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Sega has today announced the rather strange-looking Wacky World of Sports. Containing such dubious 'sports' as Tuna Tossing, Extreme Ironing and The Mud Slide, this off-the-wall title is obviously aimed at party play. Here's the press release in full: Wacky World of Sports takes..

  • News Capcom Announces Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth for Western Release

    Play as Phoenix's rival in the newest Ace Attorney game.

    If you've been following the game since it was announced for Japan (As Gyakuten Kenji) you should already know what Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is like - It focuses far more on the investigation aspect of the previous Ace Attorney games, leaving out the court scenes entirely. The big new feature is the "Logic"..

  • News MySims Agents officially announced for Wii and DS

    Not at all like Ocean's Eleven: The Game.

    We brought you the first teaser of EA's forthcoming MySims Agents a few days ago, but now the game has officially gone public and the first few scant details have come to light. Billed as an "action-puzzler", MySims Agents sees you putting together a motley crew of hackers, stealthy thieves and other sneakily-skilled Sims to take down an evil..

  • News Codemasters Announces New Formula One Title for Wii

    The first in a new line of F1 games is hitting the track soon

    Codemasters has officially confirmed that it is releasing a game based on the Formula One 2009 season. The official F1 licence used to be Sony's property but there hasn't been a game for quite some time now. After rumours that EA were considering picking it up, UK publisher Codemasters has stepped in and aquired the rights. Here's the..

  • News New Swords & Soldiers Faction: The Chinese Empire

    The third army of Ronimo Games' upcoming WiiWare epic is revealed

    Ronimo Games has announced details of the third faction in its highly promising WiiWare title Swords & Soldiers. As you may already be aware, Swords & Soldiers is a 2D sidescrolling real-time strategy game. Ronimo has been slowly drip-feeding information about the title over the past few months and with the release only weeks..

  • News Oh my, LEGO Rock Band!

    Warner, TT Games and Harmonix join forces to bring you the latest in the new cross-over genre of LEGO and music - LEGO Rock Band!

    Players will become rockers as they embark on a journey to stardom that the whole family can enjoy as they work their way through local venues, stadiums and fantasy locations on Earth and beyond, that mimic the imaginative settings that the LEGO world offers. Also..

  • News Konami Announces Driift for WiiWare

    Konami's fourth WiiWare game is an eight-player overhead racing game.

    Driift seems to be similar to the classic top-down racer Super Off Road, featuring tracks which are only one screen big. The racers all compete for the number one spot and will not just have to use driving skills, but also items to help them achieve that. More from Konami's press release: Konami Driifts on to WiiWare..

  • News Nintendo of Europe Announces April-July WiiWare / DSiWare Lineup

    Cave Story and others coming soon!

    For the first time in, uh, well, forever, Nintendo of Europe has decided to give us a small glimpse of what we can look forward to in the next couple of months. Note that list is not complete - For example, Square Enix announced only yesterday that Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands and Crystal Defenders R1 and R2...

  • News Gamebridge Announces European Release of Overturn: Mecha Wars

    Battle it out with robots online, with up to 4 players!

    Gamebridge, a new UK-based publisher, has announced that they are planning to bring over the WiiWare game Overturn: Mecha Wars. This was previously released in Japan last December, and was developed by the Japanese developer Studio Zan. The game could prove another worthwhile download for those looking for Wi-Fi multiplayer fun - The game..

  • News Tales Of Graces Unveiled for Wii

    Namco Bandai's RPG series returns to the Wii for another adventure.

    Namco Bandai this week announced not one but three new releases in the long-running Tales series by year's end, among them Tales Of Grace, developed exclusively for the Wii. First revealed in late 2008 via an unnamed trailer, Tales Of Grace serves as the latest "mothership" title of the series and shares the same..

  • News Crystal Defenders R1 and R2 Coming to Europe Soon As Well!

    Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands aren't enough - Square Enix wants complete WiiWare domination the next few weeks!

    It's not just Taito properties that Square Enix will be releasing on WiiWare in April and May - They're also releasing the Final Fantasy spinoff Crystal Defenders, which comes in two parts - Crystal Defenders R1 and Crystal Defenders R2. Crystal Defenders was previously released on..

  • News WiiWare Versions of Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands Coming to Europe Soon

    Bubble Bobble this week, Rainbow Islands next month!

    Ratings for Bubble Bobble Plus! and Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure! have been sitting on the OFLC for quite a while, and as you might know, Japan got the two games quite a while ago. Thankfully they're now coming soon! These two games are not just straight-out remakes of Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands - They feature completely new levels..

  • News Sega's "Project Ringo" revealed!

    Called it.

    Sega of Japan's "Project Ringo" has finally been revealed in this week's Famitsu magazine. To the surprise of very few here at Nintendo Life, it's an all-new Puyo Puyo game! Imaginately titled Puyo Puyo 7, the latest entry in Sega's classic falling-block puzzler series appears quite similar to previous Puyo games, with the majority of the basic rules remaining intact. As..

  • News Welcome to the New Look Nintendo Life!

    Times they are a-changin'

    In the history of mankind there have been many great moments. The discovery of fire. The invention of the wheel. The harnessing of electricity. Now we can add yet another achievement to that list - the creation of the new-look Nintendo Life! Yes indeed, what you now gaze upon is the culmination of months of hard work and...


  • News Namco Announces Upcoming Arcade Games

    As you might've been able to tell from the first four arcade games available, Namco's not shy with releasing their back catalogue. That's why they've now revealed about 25 arcade games they're planning on releasing during the coming weeks - That's right, Japan is getting one game every week! No word yet on other regions, but of course we can hope we get the same treatment.

    The full list of upcoming..

  • News Final Fantasy Finally Coming to VC

    You might remember that, quite a while ago, Square Enix said that it was unlikely the Final Fantasy games would be coming to VC, due to the remakes they love to make. It seems they've gone back on that statement now though, because, during Satoru Iwata's GDC keynote, it was announced that the first four Final Fantasy games on NES and SNES are all on the way to VC!

    Of course, the catch is that only..

  • News The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

    Earlier today at GDC 2009 Satoru Iwata announced a brand new Zelda game for the DS, Spirit Tracks.

    The new The Legend of Zelda™: Spirit Tracks game that Iwata announced will utilize the intuitive touch control of Phantom Hourglass in an all new adventure that will please longtime Zelda™ fans while keeping the game accessible to all DS owners. The concept behind this Zelda game includes..

  • News Akinai Games Announces NEVES Plus

    Akinai Games, the guys who published Evasive Space, have announced their next WiiWare project! It's going to be a sequel to their DS game NEVES, in which you are presented with a number of shapes, which you have to flip and fit together in a certain way to form a picture.

    Aside from new puzzles and gameplay modes there's also a major graphical overhaul - The DS game was very basic graphics-wise,..

  • News New Harry Potter And Indy LEGO Titles In The Works

    Traveller's Tales working on new block-based licences

    A former employee of UK studio Traveller’s Tales has inadvertently spilled the beans on two of the company’s new projects. Charlotte Parker’s CV claims she was working on new instalments in its long-running partnership with LEGO – namely a Harry Potter game (presumably based on the forthcoming Half Blood Prince film) and Indiana Jones 2:..

  • News Capcom confirm Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles & "Classics" line

    Confirmation of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles and also remakes of Gamecube titles, Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero all Wii bound.

    Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced its plans for a big comeback of its multi-million-selling franchise, Resident Evil® to the Wii™ video game system this year. Resident Evil®: The Darkside Chronicles,..


  • News Nintendo announces Excitebots: Trick Racing

    Another new game in the Excitebike series, this time it's Excitebots and apparently it's got lots of tricks.

    Excitebots™: Trick Racing has elements that make it one of the more unique racing games on the market. It launches April 20 and lets everyone in the family use the Wii Wheel™ accessory in unique and changing environments, play fun minigames and perform crazy tricks in a game that builds..

  • News SEGA introduce Project_RINGO

    Scare details on another new Wii game from SEGA of Japan, further details to be announced tomorrow?

    We've no idea what's going on here, you can see a teaser flash animation on the website which seems to introduce a character. Very Sonic in style, but clearly not Sonic, SEGA seem to be announcing Wii games left right and center at the moment. At the end of the animation is "2.24"..

  • News Virtua Tennis serves onto Wii

    SEGA have confirmed that Virtua Tennis will appear on Wii for the first time with Virtua Tennis 2009.

    Virtua Tennis 2009 was unveiled earlier this month for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Now SEGA has said Wii owners will be able to give it a go too with a version that has all the same features and arcade action. That means a playing roster that includes Rafael Nadal, Venus Williams, Roger Federererer and..

  • News DSi European Launch April 3rd

    Nintendo UK announce that the DSi will be released in Europe just before the US on April 3rd, here's the details:

    Nintendo will launch its new handheld console, the Nintendo DSi, in Europe on 3rd April 2009. The Nintendo DSi will be available in black or white and is the thinnest and lightest member of the Nintendo DS family. The console is packed with new features that will excite fans of and..

  • News Nintendo DSi launches April 5 in US

    Nintendo set the new version of the DS to launch for $169.99 with DSiWare all ready to go and also announce new "Rhythm Heaven" game.

    Nintendo pioneered hand-held entertainment in the ’80s and made it fully mobile with the Game Boy video game system. Now, Nintendo is transforming the way people access, experience, create and share content with the new Nintendo DSi system, the third iteration of..

  • News Dead Space Extraction

    EA reveal that Dead Space Wii will infact be a prequel to the famed "Dead Space" and in fact be an "on-rails" shooter.

    Dead Space Extraction is a prequel that reveals the events leading up to Isaac Clarke’s mission on the USG Ishimura in the original Dead Space game released in 2008. Dead Space Extraction will marry the innovative motion controls of the Wii Remote with a frenetic first person..

  • News Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

    SEGA announce the second helping in the Mario & Sonic series, this time our heroes do battle in the Winter Olympics!

    Developed by SEGA of Japan, under the guidance of Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games will take players to lifelike Olympic venues where they can choose from a legendary cast of playable characters, including new faces to the series to be revealed later..

  • News Natsume to offer something reely abit fishy...

    Natsume to offer a more "realistic" fishing game when "Reel Fishing: Angler's Dream" launches this year.

    Reel Fishing: Angler's Dream will fulfill the need of every gamer who has fished or who has wanted to cast their first line. Featuring a magnificent 3D fishing engine, lifelike fish and soothing environmental sounds, Reel Fishing: Angler's Dream will put players on the banks of pristine lakes,..

  • News EA announce Nerf N-Strike

    EA just can't stop making "casual" Wii games, here's the latest, Nerf N-Strike.

    EA Casual Entertainment and Hasbro bring the action and chaos of the popular NERF brand to the digital world. In a world specifically created to be the perfect landscape for NERF pandemonium, players can wreak havoc and perfect their blasting skills or challenge friends to clashes. With the brand new SWITCH SHOT EX-3..

  • News LucasArts announce Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

    No LEGO in sight for this new Indy game, set to be all very interactive and wonderful, new story, new name.

    Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings features completely interactive environments, where players need to call upon their wits and daring to make each spring-loaded environment a weapon in order to dispense of foes in clever and unexpected ways. Also, embark upon thrilling action sequences..

  • News Boom Blox Sequel Confirmed

    EA confirm that Steven Speilberg puzzler Boom Blox will get another outing, Boom Blox Bash Party.

    January 29, 2009 - Get ready for the ultimate blox-busting action as Electronic Arts Inc. today announced BOOM BLOX™ Bash Party for Wii™, the sequel to the critically-acclaimed BOOM BLOX™ game for Wii. EA’s collaboration with director and producer Steven Spielberg continues with BOOM BLOX Bash..

  • News SEGA say, Let's Tap!

    Strange things occur in the minds of the Japanese, this latest game by SEGA you don't even need to hold the controller, no joke!

    Let’s Tap, a game that is blazing new ground in Nintendo Wii control design. Developed by Prope, the studio that Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka established in 2006, Let’s Tap is the first product from the new studio to be released to in North America and Europe..

  • News EA breaks up Need For Speed

    The constantly wonky world of Need For Speed is to be split into three distinctly styled games, SHIFT, Nitro and World Online.

    We've never shied away from Need For Speed, every year we give it another chance and every year we feel let down, we'll agree that Wii and DS aren't really the natural choice for driving sims, but EA keep on churning them out year after year. Every release seems to be a..


  • News SEGA announce Phantasy Star Ø

    SEGA will be developing another Phantasy Star game, this time on the DS - apparently its already one of the "most highly anticipated DS titles of 2009", read this press release from SEGA:

    Phantasy Star Ø is one of the most highly anticipated DS titles coming out in 2009, and will feature an innovative touch screen based Visual Chat interface, addictive action-RPG gameplay, impressive visual..


  • News It's Official SEGA to publish The Conduit

    SEGA couldn't keep that cat in that bag for very long, it's all confirmed, its all official its all true, SEGA to publish the conduit.

    SEGA of Europe Ltd. and SEGA of America, Inc. today announced a worldwide partnership with High Voltage Software to publish and distribute the Wii™ home video game system-exclusive title, The Conduit. The first-person shooter garnered multiple awards at E3 2008,..

  • News Time to stop cooking, its Gardening Mama time!

    505 announce a new game in the Mama series the non-cooking based Gardening Mama, scheduled for DS Spring next year.

    Gardening Mama sees Mama heading into the great outdoors to turn an empty garden into a tranquil paradise. Green-fingered players use the touch screen to dig holes, plant seeds, mix fertiliser and ultimately grow a range of fruits, flowers and vegetables. Just like Cooking Mama saw..

  • News Nintendo Announce 5 New Wii Games

    Nintendo's Conference did have a few nice announcements, not all for the DS. Sin & Punishment returns... finally.

    The following five games were all announced for the first time at last weeks Nintendo Conference, being a Japanese shin-dig details are still quite thin on the ground, but here's what we know: Sin & Punishment 2 (Nintendo) 2009The...

  • News Puzzler Kororinpa gets another outing

    HUDSON decide that we've not had enough of Kororinpa and decide that a sequel is the only way to fix the problem, due next spring.

    The sequel to Kororinpa: Marble Mania, Marble Saga: Kororinpa is full of new levels for gamers to explore, 4-person multiplayer gameplay, tons of customization features, the ability to connect and compete online and the use of the Wii Balance Board™ as features..


  • News Ubisoft announce Tenchu in US/EU

    Although we knew about the Japanese game, Ubisoft have now confirmed the western version coming early next year.

    Today Ubisoft announced Tenchu™ 4, the newest addition to the Tenchu™ franchise exclusively for the Wii™ system, will launch in North America and Europe in early 2009. The development team behind the original Tenchu, Acquire, brings a fresh new look, feel and motion to the Tenchu..

  • News Disaster: Day of Crisis IS ALIVE!

    As Hurricane Gustav batters America Nintendo announces the re-birth of Disaster: Day of Crisis, horray!

    Survive nature’s most devastating catastrophes in Disaster: Day of Crisis, a panic inducing survival game for Wii. In a devastatingly short period of time, an unprecedented wave of natural disasters has pummeled the United States. On top of this inexplicable series of disasters, a rogue special..


  • News Need for Speed: Undercover, Uncovered.

    EA explain the reasons why they will release yet another Need for Speed game, but this one is undercover.

    Need for Speed Undercover has players racing through speedways, dodging cops and chasing rivals as they go deep undercover to take down an International crime syndicate. The new game heralds the return of high-intensity police chases and introduces the all-new ‘Heroic Driving Engine’ -- a..

  • News GC: Rapala’s Fishing Frenzy

    New fishing game from Activision with its own brand spanking new Fishing rod controller, class.

    Utilizing an all new, limited edition Rod and Reel peripheral designed exclusively for the Wii, players will become more immersed in the fishing experience than ever before. With their hands on authentic gear, players will use an actual rod as they cast and reel in fish hooked on their lines. They can..

  • News GC: Activision announce new Pitfall game

    Pitfall: The Big Adventure will be the first Pitfall game on Wii, Activision decide to tease us with only a few screenshots.

    Pitfall: The Big Adventure for Wii is in development at Edge of Reality and will swing onto shelves this Fall. With more than 10 million Pitfall titles sold to date, Pitfall: The Big Adventure will introduce the franchise to a new generation of gamers while bringing a fresh..

  • News GC: Monkey Madness

    Ubisoft announce a new virtual pet title aimed at the younger gamer, Monkey Madness Wii.

    Monkey Madness Wii targets kids ages 6 to 8 years. The game allows you to build a strong relationship with a full family of funny monkeys. Thanks to the unique cross-breeding system, you will be able to create unique species by mixing the different breeds available in the game. Play with your monkeys, interact..

  • News EA to bring new Tennis game to Wii (with MotionPlus)

    Publisher giants EA announce a new Tennis franchise for Wii using MotionPlus and other platforms using normal (boring) controllers.

    An all-new tennis videogame is in development at EA Canada in Vancouver under the EA SPORTS™ brand. The EA SPORTS tennis franchise will be available first for the Wii™ in 2009, followed by other platforms, and it will be the first EA SPORTS game that uses..

  • News House of the Dead: OVERKILL - Awesome.

    SEGA surprise us with the announcement of a brand spanking new House of the Dead game, exclusive for Wii coming early next year.

    The House of the Dead: OVERKILL uncovers the ugly, terrifying, red hot secrets behind the House of the Dead; the daddy of all over-the-top shooters. While staying true to the classic gameplay this hugely successful SEGA series is getting a new retro look, with..

  • News Introducing the wonderful, whimsical world of "KORE"

    Snap Dragon Games unveil their latest work in the form of KORE.

    With three zany, kooky crackpots sharing a cybernetic K.O.R.E suit, insane action is guaranteed. After all, the suit enhances the wearer's abilities beyond imagination. Pixie becomes a pro at climbing, Madboy gains an iron fist, and the dog Rex develops astonishing senses of hearing and smell. And these super powers they will..

  • News Deer Drive - dumbest game of the year?

    It must be an American thing, who else would think running around with guns shooting at Deer is cool?

    Video game publisher Mastiff announced today that they have teamed up with developers SCS Software and Kouyousha to bring the award-winning arcade- style, multi-player hunting series, Deer Drive, to Wii TM this fall. Deer Drive meshes hunting simulation with arcade style pick-up-and-play action and..

  • News Celebrity Sports Showdown - What?

    EA announce another "we-simply-can't-get-them-out-the-door-fast-enough" title, sports mini game pack: Celebrity Sports Showdown.

    Celebrity Sports Showdown features 12 outdoor sports games and is the ultimate party game to play with people of all ages. Play as your favourite celebrities, with featured stars including singers Fergie and Avril Lavigne, and athletes like Paul Pierce and Mia Hamm, to..

  • News Red Steel 2 with MotionPlus due in 2009

    Ubisoft recently let things slip that they will follow up the somewhat let-down-of-the-year Red Steel early next year.

    "Red Steel 2 has been in development for many months now, and this new device will help us be even more precise in what we do with the product. The Red Steel brand is strong - I think we released it on year one, and that people understood that it was a first try on new..