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Pinocchio's Puzzle Review

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Posted by Patrick Elliot

Pinocchio goes to pieces

Chances are, when you're deciding to pick up a puzzle game for your console of choice, you don't think of actual jigsaw puzzles. They just don't fit easily into the genre's landscape. Popular puzzlers like Tetris and Angry Birds have an immediacy to them that encourages quick play and gratification, while a real jigsaw puzzle is more something you work at.

Pinocchio's Puzzle — which is really just a series of digital jigsaw puzzles — therefore needs to add something more to the mix to make abandoning its cardboard cousin worthwhile. While the game misses the mark a bit presentation-wise, its easy-to-use controls help put a fresh twist on this familiar family pastime.

Employing hand-drawn images of well-known moments from Pinocchio's tale, the game breaks each picture into several pieces and scatters them about the screen. Assembling them back together is done using the Wii Remote, which can point, grab, rotate and set pieces into place. Once your image is reconstructed, the game relays a bit of the story pertaining to it. This is definitely the abridged version of the classic yarn however, as the game only doles out one sentence per completed puzzle. With only 14 puzzles in all, that's not a lot of material.

Still, the artwork comprising the puzzles is cheerful and charming, and there was obviously a lot of care that went into making them. The text that corresponds with the images however is short, generic and vague; after building a puzzle showing Pinocchio walking the streets, the game tells us "Pinocchio is influenced by other boys," but never tells us that they persuaded him to bunk school. Sure, most of us already know that, but the game is meant for children, and should assume that some of them will be unfamiliar with the story.

The music however is very pleasant, and the light orchestral feel does a nice job complimenting the visuals. The game definitely could have used an additional track or two, though; as it is you'll be playing through each puzzle to the same tune.

For families, the multiplayer function is likely what will make the game worthwhile, as other players can easily turn on a Wii Remote and jump in. After all, it wouldn't be a true jigsaw experience if others couldn't pop in and use that piece you were just about to grab.


Pinocchio's Puzzle captures what piecing puzzles together is all about: lighthearted engagement with friends and family. The game could have used some better storytelling and more music, but at only 500 Nintendo Points, it feels fairly priced. While it certainly won't keep you stumped for days, it could prove an easy family purchase to keep the gang occupied for a night or two.

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User Comments (7)



Omega said:

When I saw the picture of Pinocchio, the old Disney Jump & Run games like "Castle of Illusion" on the MD or "Magical Quest" on the SNES came to mind. (Don't ask me why.) Unfortunately this one is actually just another puzzle-thing of some sort.



Drewroxsox said:

I wouldn't pay for this when I could solve puzzles on the photo channel, and if I wanted to do a Pinocchio puzzle, I could simpily take a picture of him.



StarDust4Ever said:

Jigsaw puzzles are boring enough in the real world; that's why I play with Rubik's Cubes. No thanks, when I want to play video games, I like to play something a little more invigorating. Pinnoccio is made of wood and good for making campfires, so grab some matches and lighter fluid so we can roast some smores!



alLabouTandroiD said:

I think for a kid it would be more satisfying to complete a real life jigsaw puzzle since you can keep your achievement forever and use 'em to decorate your room.
@Omega: Personally this reminds me more of a certain little guy called Kid Clown who was featured in a great little SNES game.



cyrus_zuo said:

I bought a copy! My thoughts:
Short on content, very relaxing, fun to play in a group, story is not real well done.
I liked the way the pieces were built, with squared edges that you rarely see in real puzzles. I've played several puzzle games on different platforms, this is better than the others b/c we can play together.
@ 500 points I do not regret the purchase, it is a great game for relaxing together, perfect for this time of year. I would love to see a couple more features, but overall, if you have a group, especially a mixed age group like we have at my house, I would endorse this as something fun to do. Even if the story text itself is lacking, the pull of a story, making you want to go from one puzzle to the next, is a nice thing.



Bikeage said:

Want a jigsaw puzzle to play with the family? Go to a thrift store instead, every one I visit always has bunches for $1 or less. WiiWare could be so much better, don't support this dreck.

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