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Posted by Henry Stockdale

Everyone, take note

Nnooo has seen a fair amount of success with DSiWare. Originally starting off with Pop+ Solo, the developer really began to make its mark on the DSi with the myLifeCollected series, a set of applications for the DSi that started with myNotebook. Since then, Nnooo has moved onto other applications such as myPostcards and myNotebook: Carbon, Pearl and Tan. Now we have myDiary, and it comes as a worthy addition to the series

myDiary is, as you may have guessed, a diary application for the DSi. It's rather similar in some aspects to previous apps in the series in that you can write out notes via the touchscreen to log any messages or doodles you wish. However, this time you can use 400 pages at a time, which can be deleted later on, although these are instead assigned to individual days across the calender and only one note can be saved for each day. Like the other games, it's pretty simple and rather intuitive, feeling right at home on the DS.

Just like before, the DSi is held on its side and, in this case, you're also given the option to flip myDiary to suit left and right handed users, by pressing either the DS face buttons or the D-Pad depending on which way it's set at the time. Nnooo has formatted the dates into a calender format with an option to scroll through the months by touchscreen or D-Pad, which makes finding a date to write a note for a particular day pretty simple. The game is definitely set for long-term use if the user wishes, as there are dates available all the way from the year 2000 to 2099. You can also set an alarm to go off for your notes on each day, which is useful to set yourself reminders. Naturally, this only works if you have myDiary running but it will still go off when the DSi is in sleep mode.

There's a variety of options available for writing your notes. You can write with three different levels of thickness between your virtual pens, with of course the ability to erase what you've written too. You also have the options to use graph, lined or blank paper for notes, which are all available to you from the start. You can also unlock different colour themes and ink to use, although when you change the Ink colour, it changes for every note you've written to said colour.

There's a large variety of colours available that can be obtained in several different ways. For example, you can unlock some colours by the number of times you use the application or how many notes you've written; others are obtained if you own other Nnooo titles on the DSi; and others are unlocked depending on the time of year. This is a good addition and a notable improvement over the myNotebook apps, in which both editions had three separate colours available on the DSiWare store instead of simply being able to switch colours.

Now, it's not uncommon that people with diaries often like to keep them as private as possible, to stop anyone invading their privacy. With this in mind, Nnooo included a feature that will allow you to keep your entries private with an option to lock each page so it can only be accessed through a 4-digit user-defined PIN. If someone tries to guess your PIN or you forget it, after three unsuccessful attempts, It will ask if you'd like to reset your PIN. Doing this however will delete all your locked pages as a measure to prevent people from ever seeing what you wrote, but there is also an option to change your PIN which doesn't involve deleting everything as well. This is quite a useful feature implemented here, and will help protect your private entries from prying eyes.


With over 400 pages, a wide range of colours to choose from and security settings to uphold your privacy, Nnooo has done a good job of creating a diary application for the DSi and, at the bargain price of merely 200 Points, it comes recommended.

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User Comments (24)



RyuZebian said:

Hmm... I don't use mynotebook very much so I'll pass on this one. I'm looking forward to Spirit Hunters though, I can't wait to chase those spirits! I think beer will be the easiest to find, while things like vodka will be harder.



JustYourAverageBleh said:

Honestly, One of the things that I think that must never go digital are notes. Seriously, it's easier to write the natural way instead of stroking your stylus onto a virtual paper. But that's just me.



Yoshi_2000 said:

True. My writing comes out all shaky, and drawing? I can't even draw a good circle on Flipnote Studio without erasing 3 times. The DS feels like it wasn't made for this. Give me a pad of paper any day.



cheapogamer4life said:

Might of dl'ed this app if not for my resent bb purchase or the fact that theirs already a calander on the DSi....



bboy2970 said:

Ok, My Notebook(the first one) was a good idea. But does anyone else feel like all the other Nnooo pplications are just simple variations on the Notebook? I mean c'mon they all boil down to the same thing, writting notes.



HipsterDashie said:

I'll avoid since I simply can't see myself getting any use out of it, much like the original myNotebook.



Yosher said:

Same as SoulSilver IV in my case, but it's good to see this is actually a decent little diary thingy for those interested.



MeloMan said:

This'll come in handy for me, I depend on my DSi heavily because it fills a gap in my electronics (laptop and clamshell cell phone). It's my portable music player, notepad, game system, and now planner... I guess I just match Nnooo's target audience.



LuWiiGi said:

No thanks. I won't ever use this. If Nnooo made an app where you can chat to people and send them photos over Wi-Fi, then I would get it.



piguy101 said:

Nooo thanks. I have never ever seen a reason to get anything made by Nooo. But, keep trying Nooo.



grumblegrumble said:

When is this coming to North America?! I thought it was coming this past Monday but we got that fairly useless but cute Nintendo Countdown Calendar instead. Coincidence?



MeloMan said:

I'm right there with you on that one, I too thought we would've BEEN got this, yet, Nintendo Countdown Calendar appears. If that app had more memo space, I'd download it instead, but it's a joke compared to myDiary doing what the NCC can do AND allows much more note space. What's the holdup Nnooo? Guess I'll have to shoot them an email...



WaxxyOne said:

One question: Can you enter notes on this or any other DS app using an on-screen keyboard? If not, why the heck hasn't anyone made an app that does this? My writing is awful on a DS screen and ends up taking up too much room. A typed entry mode should be a no-brainer for a system like the DS.



Jono97 said:

Oh you have saved me from being a bit scammed I was thinking about the nintendo countdown calender which received a 4/10.



Cats said:

@WaxxyOne - NO, and I was thinking the same thing. They could have saved texts which take up less space, added SD card support..

For what it's worth, this is the best calendar for the ds, but it makes me wish Nintendo would just drop everyone a Dev kit.

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