Nintendo may well have released its own official GameCube adapter for your Switch, but what if you could do one better and have GameCube controller support built-in?

Well, one Reddit user going by the name of i_AM_hank has taken things into their own hands and done exactly that, modding their Switch's dock to include an integrated third-party GameCube controller adapter. The adapter in question is from Mayflash; i_AM_hank says the unit "turned out to be a good choice because the controller ports are on a board separate from the main circuitry which ultimately allowed it to slip between the inner and outer casing of the dock".

Here's what the adapter looks like when taken out of the plastic casing

If you're interested in how it all came together, you can read the full process step-by-step here. The final result is pretty impressive, we must admit. Look how neat and tidy it turned out in the finish:

We imagine there are a fair few Super Smash Bros. fans out there who wouldn't mind an official Switch dock to include this in future. Can you imagine rocking up to a tournament with one of these?

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