Isabelle Animal Crossing

If you thought Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on mobile might be wrapping up with the new game on the horizon, think again. To mark the game's second anniversary, last weekend Nintendo announced a new paid membership service.

Now, in another surprising move, Nintendo is starting up a standalone Pocket Camp Twitter account (@Pocket_Camp) in English. Lloid the gyroid will now be providing updates on the game instead of Isabelle, and from next month onwards, the Pocket Camp Twitter will be the go-to source for all updates relevant to your mobile campsite.

It seems as if Nintendo wants to clear up the main account (@animalcrossing), so it can focus on Animal Crossing: New Horizons when it releases on Switch next March. Isabelle has also reassured fans that she's "not going anywhere" which is great to hear.

How do you feel about Pocket Camp no longer being featured on the main Animal Crossing Twitter account? Tell us below.