Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

When Mario Kart Tour made its debut on mobile back in September, fans of the long-running series got quite the shock when it was discovered the free-to-play game contained a Gold Pass subscription system.

Now, a few months later, Nintendo has announced a new paid membership service for its two-year-old game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. This information was revealed via an in-game news update. The service itself will begin later this month on 21st November.

Here's a screenshot, courtesy of ResetEra user ZeoVGM:

Pocket Camp
Image: ResetEra

There'll be two different plans within this service to choose from:

In one plan, you'll be able to appoint one lucky animal as your camp caretaker and get some extra help around the campsite.

In the other plan, you'll be able to receive fortune cookies and store your furniture and clothing items in warehouses.

More details about the new paid membership service will be provided in videos due out on 20th November.

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