Ellada Games is set to bring its 2D side-scrolling action-survival RPG, Niffelheim, to Nintendo Switch next month.

Previously released on Steam last year, the game has players setting off on an adventure across a Norse-themed world, crafting the tools and weapons they need to survive the onslaught of monsters both above ground and in the deadly dungeons below. You'll be playing as a fallen but brave Viking warrior who, instead of finding glory in Asgard, has had his soul imprisoned in Niffelheim.

As you might expect, your task is to survive the harsh surroundings of the realm, exploring dungeons, ransacking neighbouring lands, and more on your quest to reach Valhalla. The console release will feature "a variety of enhancements and additions upon release", including new bosses, special magic items, balance updates and more.

Key Features:
Do What it Takes to Survive: Using only the items that can be collected or forged, players must build shelter, weapons, and armor. Then, brew healing potions and deadly poisons to thwart enemies and prepare delicious, life-restoring meals for themselves and their companions.
- Carve Out a Legacy: Defeat any and all foes who dare to oppose you in your quest for glory. Receive quests from the Death Priests, or go it alone and survive by wits, blade, cunning, and luck.
- Explore and Escape: Scour the cruel environment in search of pieces of the portal to Asgard, heavily guarded by powerful foes — a necessary risk worth taking in order to make an escape!

The game launches on Switch on 20th September.

What do you think? Will you be giving it a try? Perhaps you've already played it on PC? Share your thoughts with us down below.