We recently got the chance to go hands-on with Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games on Switch, and we had a jolly good time indeed. Sure, there were some unwelcome flashbacks to Wii-era waggle, but the game is so packed with joy and humour that it's easy to overlook that – especially when you're playing with a like-minded friend.

However, what really struck us during our brief time with the game was just how amazing Sonic's nemesis Robotnik (or Eggman, if you prefer) is. From his delicate poise to the fact that, unlike his arch enemy, he actually removes his footwear during some events (does that mean Sonic's shoes are actually part of his body?!), it's clear that this is one mad professor who gives it his all, no matter the competition.

The game launches in November. Are you excited yet? Will you be picking Robotnik? (The only right answer here is 'yes'.)