Bordeaux-based Shiro Games has revealed that its PC real time strategy game Northgard is headed to consoles later in 2019, and that includes your favourite handheld hybrid.

The game went into Early Access on Steam in February 2017 and officially launched just over a year later. Steeped in Norse mythology, you'll be discovering new lands, settling with your clan, battling hostile creatures and roaming around like a classic, rowdy Viking warrior. Did those guys ever just chill with a cup of tea and maybe a spot of fishing?

Sebastien Vidal, CEO and co-founder at Shiro Games had this to say in the press release

"We are very happy to reveal that we are bringing Northgard to all three consoles later this year. We have worked hard to optimize Northgard for the controller, and to be played on the go in the Switch version. All the content of the original version will be available at launch. This includes the campaign mode, leaderboards, all six clans and much more."

Specific mention of the Switch version and optimisation gives us some hope that this isn't just a quick and dirty port for Nintendo's console. A promo shot for a boxed version suggests we'll be seeing a physical release for this one, too:


Fancy a spot of sailing and pillaging? Have you played this game on PC? Let us know how you found it below.