You may have thought we'd be past the days of the cheap and gimmicky accessories that plagued the Game Boy and its future generations. Anyone who remembers the Worm Light or the Handy Boy will probably cringe at the thought, but arcade stick manufacturer Qanba decided to take a stab at the old magnification idea with their MAX Screen Magnifier for the Switch.

Now before you dismiss this, just think about how far technology has come since the release of the Game Boy. It's all a matter of getting the magnification right, and with the 720p screen of the Switch, it has to look better when blown up than the Game Boy's did. I guess you'll just have to take a peek at our video to see what we thought.

The Qanba MAX Screen Magnifier is available now on Amazon for $19.99 and is also currently on sale at Play Asia for only $11.99.

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Did you ever use one of these on the Game Boy back in the day? Have any thoughts on giving this one a go? Let us know down below!