There are plenty of ways to store your favourite Switch games - whether that be with official merch, just in their boxes, or even in an old Game Boy cartridge case - but here's a particularly creative solution.

Reddit user, squid50s, has created their very own LEGO GameCube. This isn't your average, adorable GameCube model, though, because this little build has been designed to store a small handful of Switch games.

You can see how it works in this video below. Naturally, being so small, you can't fit that many games inside, but it's definitely a cool little thing to have on your shelf. The best part is that you could always go ahead and build one of these for yourself, too, or even try to build an entirely different console.

squid50s has actually created several game holders out of LEGO, even providing instructions on how to build some of them and the parts you'd need. You can check those out here if you're interested.

Do you feel inspired to create your own gaming accessories out of LEGO? We must say, it's a clever and creative solution if you have any bricks lying around.