Self-described as an 'arcade-style, speed-oriented, "y2k aesthetic" flavored puzzle game - a tribute to highly polished, small-scope Japanese games from the late 90s', CROSSNIQ+ is coming to Switch and PC in Q3 this year. The game has you rearranging the tiles on a grid to form rows and columns of the same colour.

Tiles can be moved in the cardinal directions to form 'crosses' and score points. Each edge wraps around to the opposite side and forming 'multi-crosses' quickly earns you bonuses. As you can see from the trailer above, it's got a certain turn-of-the-century style to it which feels very Dreamcast if you ask us.

Originally developed from a free browser version, a successful Kickstarter campaign meant developer Max Krieger was able to realise his full vision with this version of the game. Here are some of the features that appear in the official blurb:

- Speed-focused, arcade-style puzzle gameplay - easy to learn, tough to master.
- Sleek, futuristic visual design inspired by the "y2k" era.
- Four modes, to accommodate a variety of playstyles:
Endless Mode: keep making crosses to keep your timer filled - let it hit empty, and your game is over.
Time Attack Mode: your time is a set amount - earn as many points as you can before the buzzer sounds.
Versus Mode: Battle against a friend in local multiplayer, complete with items and special moves
Chillout Mode: simply relax to a variety of different, aesthetically striking playfields - there's no score, timer, or game overs.

With no shortage of modes available, it seems that CROSSNIQ+ should provide hours of entertainment and we seriously dig that "y2k aesthetic" - this looks like something that could have been on Dreamcast, and who couldn't do with just a little slice of that blue sky optimism in their lives at the moment? We'll find out if it delivers later this year.

Does CROSSNIQ+ look like something you'd be interested in? Do you get dewy-eyed for that turn-of-the-millennium art style? Let us know below.