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Sun 8th Sep 2013

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DeChunk commented on Expect To See More Spin-Off Titles Like Hyrule...:

@mastermp2 I love the title Metroid: Hunted, but it sounds more akin to a horror game where Samus loses her upgrades again, but the Chozo never landed on this planet. So no upgrades, a big, scary, non-Ridley thing following her, and no access to her ship. I'd play it.

Or we could have Bounty Buddies, a Samus Aran/Captain Falcon buddy cop game about bringing in bounty rewards. You know, their job descriptions...



DeChunk commented on Pocket Monsters Invade Arcades In Bandai Namco...:

I still think a Pokémon MOBA would work a bit better than a fighting game. Fighting games are about using a long list of moves and combos to your advantage, while MOBAs stick to the four move level up pattern Pokémon is used to. It's not the same, no, but focus on unique movesets and maybe even make evolution an option and we're golden. The only reason to shy away from this, though, is that MOBA communities are famously hostile and not welcoming for new players, which for a children's franchise would not be good.



DeChunk commented on Parent Trap: Amiibo Charts A Fresh Course In T...:

Quick note, amiibo figures have two sets of data in them: one that works for the main game they're a part of, and one for everything else that just says, "I am me." This means super cool interactivity in one game, and mediocre content in another. So in Smash, you get a sparring partener that grows with you, and in Hyrule Warriors, you get a one use special attack and that's it. Cool, yet, not what we wanted.



DeChunk commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

What might be a smart move (not a nice one but smart), would be to have someone like Will Wedgewood over here to be DLC, along with other characters fans want along the way. W101 fans like my self would love anyone off the team to be playable, at this point in development it seems highly unlikely any of them would be In an initial roster. A good plan, though, would be a dlc roadmap with characters and stages they either didn't have time for or didn't think enough fans would care for it (the later seems strange since they have a precedent for including cult favorites and little known characters, but whatever).
This would help keep the game community alive and generate even more money with the money printing franchise that is Smash Bros. and allow some characters that slipped through the cracks a second shot.



DeChunk commented on Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell Claims Nintendo "...:

The one thing many people forget when saying, "Nintendo should just make a powerful console like XBox and PlayStation", is that they tried that with the GameCube, and it got them in last place. The GameCube was the console with the most raw power at the time and it came in dead last against the juggernaut PS2 and the new guy in the room XBox. So they said, "pure power isn't going to do it. What can we do to be different?" And that's how we got the Wii. A machine designed to be different, but lead to gimmicky releases and lots of shovelware. A machine that was almost HD, but Nintendo didn't think enough people would have a proper tv for it.
The argument has been that The Big N needs the multi-plats, but having all the big releases on multiple platforms is still fairly new to gaming. I know it doesn't seem that way, but it's only been around ten years that it was really prevalent. With the huge cost of making these beautiful HD realistic graphics, game companies need to cover their bases and reach the largest group possible, leading to a lot of sequels and me-too type games putting too much into spectacle and not genuine awe. The whole industry needs to change from a basic cost/return standpoint. You know what games really looked amazing last gen? Not Skyrim with its immersion breaking glitches, not Call of Duty 3 with its washed out pallet, and not Gears of War with its samey character design. It was games like Journey and Kirby's Epic Yarn that had some of the best graphics. They gave you a distinct visual style that really helped pull you into the game, and those games didn't need to be massively funded ventures. Accurate representations can only do so much. In the right hands, it can be great, just look at Poral 1-2. Everything contributes to an overarching feel of the moment.
As for the handheld scene, while the 3DS is doing some things outside its comfort zone, a la Netflix, I would like to bring up something I realized. Last gen, I had both a PSP and a DS, both of which I logged probably hundreds of hours in, but while I was fine with the DS controls, the lack of a second analog stick on the PSP bugged me enough to complain about it. Now I have a 3DS and no complaints about only one analog stick. People will play Nintendo handhelds because they know how to make games that fit the system, and not force something in a way it shouldn't. Mobile gaming is becoming lucrative for free to play on the go, but hey give me your money to play more experiences, but I'd rather play Shining Force or Luigi's Mansion than Candy Crush Saga and a twitch shooter that doesn't respond like it needs to because it's overheating my battery and now it's crashed my phone.
So Nintendo will make well thought out games for machines they designed to play them on, while mobile platforms will grab money from people who just want their digital cow to produce a bit more milk sooner.