Vertigo Gaming Inc. has revealed that its restaurant management sim Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! is arriving on Nintendo Switch on 10th April.

A sequel to 2012's Cook, Serve, Delicious!, this game gives players complete control over how they wish to build their very own restaurant. Nintendo's eShop listing for the game says that you can expect to play through "a 60+ hour experience" which has you transforming a roach-infested dump into a world-class restaurant. You can see some of the action in the original Steam trailer above.

You can either run your own restaurant or branch out as a chef for hire, taking jobs for others to gain experience with a large array of foods over 400 different levels. The new game comes with a greater wealth of difficulty settings and an all-new splitscreen co-op mode, allowing you to play through the entire game with a friend.


The game has just popped up on the eShop for pre-order, where you can grab a copy for £12.99 / $12.99.

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