The award-winning horror game Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition has received a confirmed release date for Nintendo Switch. You'll be able to check it out from 29th May.

The news comes alongside a brand new trailer (which we've shared above) and more details on what you can expect in this 'enhanced' release. This new version of the game contains the completely new Museum Level, with behind the scenes content and extra footage. It will also include a digital artbook, a digital soundtrack and - the most crucial of all updates - the ability to choose between different sets of pyjamas in-game.

There's more, too, such as new dialogue and improvements to the game's visuals, performance and gameplay.

- Enhanced edition with extra content, better performance and updated visuals
- Put the pieces of the puzzle together to find out what has happened to your mother
- Unravel a disturbing story filled with tension, symbolism and psychological horror
- Creep through threatening environments like a twisted forest and a dark house

The game will arrive on the Switch eShop and in physical form on 29th May, which just so happens to be the game's fifth anniversary.

Will you be picking this one up when it creeps onto Switch later this year? Let us know with a comment below.