Following its closed-beta at launch, SMITE is now free-to-play on Switch and includes crossplay with PS4 and Xbox One players. Not only that, but players on other consoles can also pick up their game on Switch, with all progress and gear being shared across platforms.

The MOBA was always free-to-play elsewhere, but the Switch version was previously only accessible by purchasing the Founder’s Pack DLC which gave you immediate access to every god, plus a Switch-exclusive skin and some gems to spend as you please. Now, though, anyone can download the game and see if it tickles their fancy.

The Founder's Pack was a decent investment if you knew the game was for you, but now players who fancy dipping their toes into its multiplayer-online-battle-arena pool have nothing stopping them from nabbing it from the eShop immediately.

Check out our review if you're still on the fence - we said that "there’s a slow grind to earn skins via the Season Pass, but the game itself is one of the best entries in the genre and it’s right here on Switch – a cause for celebration and no mistake".

Have you been enjoying SMITE since launch? Is 'free' cheap enough to catch your eye, or have you got too many other games to play? Let us know if you'll be downloading this in the comments.