The OlliOlli games by Roll7 were somewhat of a tribute to classic skateboarding titles such as the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series, which was once the leader of this insanely popular genre. Of course, OlliOlli is also one of the few skateboarding video games taking a 2D design approach to the genre, essentially carving out its own niche.

If you thought the release of OlliOlli: Switch Stance was the last we would see of these games, this might not be the case. In a recent interview with Eurogamer, the co-founders of Roll7 Simon Bennett and John Ribbins spoke about how they apparently had unfinished business with the series.

Simon said to "watch this space" and went on to explain how they are still invested in the area of skateboarding:

"We had an amazing time with LaserLeague, and were super happy with what we did there. But the skating hasn't gone away, we're still invested in that area. We needed a break, but we're ready to look at it again. You've got to be excited about these things, because it's such a commitment."

John added to this, describing how when the second game was completed, they originally said "no more skating games ever" but this is no longer the case. According to Ribbins, if a follow-up was to happen, it would end like OlliOlli2, but the journey would apparently be longer.

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