Hit ‘roguevania’ Dead Cells is soon to receive a substantial free DLC update across all platforms. Developer Motion Twin has been working on the pack for nine months and, although the base game is complete, it’s looking to add some more flavour and provide explanations and a ‘proper conclusion’ to the story with this free download.

The video above from Red Bull Gaming provides a few hints at what to expect, but mainly chronicles some fascinating details about the game’s development and the team that created it. Motion Twin has been a going concern for 18 years, but previously to Dead Cells it was making casual, free-to-play titles. The pivot to making core games was a difficult decision to take, as the video details, but it’s certainly paid off.

The 12-minute video also looks at the culture at the small Bordeaux studio; the team has no hierarchical structure, with each member receiving the same salary and every decision going through a democratic vote before moving ahead. It’s an intriguing approach to making a game and the results speak for themselves.

There’s no solid date on the DLC just yet, but it’ll be playable at next month’s PAX East and the video shows the team spitballing ideas for their next project now that Dead Cells is finally complete, so we shouldn’t have too long to wait.

Are you looking forward to this DLC or have you yet to sample the delights of Dead Cells? Let us know below.