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Sat 22nd Aug 2009

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Amrulez commented on Nintendo Reportedly Pitched NX To Third Partie...:

@aronatvw Yes I don't get what is so hard for them to understand. Nintendo games and great 3rd party releases all on the same system. The best of both worlds. When they under power the console you then need 2 consoles to get the best of both worlds. Most people will go with the 1 console approach and have XBONE games with great 3rd party support or Sony games with great 3rd party support. Spend less on gimmicks and more on hardware specs and more people will end up buying an Nintendo console. The Wii was a stroke of luck for them, they shouldn't expect that to ever happen again now that tablets and mobile phone gaming is so prevalent and cheap for casual users to fool around with.



Amrulez commented on Ubisoft Discounts 18 Games on the North Americ...:

I find some of these prices a complete joke and have to laugh how out of touch these companies can be at times. You can buy the disc version of Zombie U for under 25 bucks brand new pretty much anywhere yet here they have it on-sale at half price for 30 bucks LMAO. Pure comedy..good game IMO but please...



Amrulez commented on Guide: Using USB Storage with the Wii U:

I have this drive and formatted it using the Wii U. I just sold the Wii U and would like to use this drive on my PC but no drive letter appears when hooking it up. How can i REFORMAT the drive if no drive letter is allocated to it?



Amrulez commented on Wii Least Connected of U.S. Consoles:

Seriously if Nintendo management had even a quarter of a brain between them on this subject they would be 10 times as rich. The last place as a developer I would put my games is on Wiiware/VC/DSiware. As brilliant as Nintendo is in some aspects of entertainment they are still clueless about the online world. Also it would not have hurt to have DVD playing capabilities and made the machine 720p capable. They could have still sold the system at under 300 dollars and had more 3rd party support and they could have cashed in on the online dollars that they currently miss out on.



Amrulez commented on Nintendo Insists That Apple's iPad Isn't a Threat:

Lets face it we all love nintendo and the best games are on the DS but the App store doodoos all over DSiware due to the incompetence of Nintendo much like their online plan also sucks. The Ipad or Iphone have a ton of good games and quite a few that play just as well as games on the DS. The Ipad is not a threat but its nothing to be dismissed either. Still its apples and oranges to be honest.



Amrulez commented on Review: Super Mario 64 DS (DS):

Please this game is maybe one of the top 2 or 3 Nintendo games of all time. A 7 is a joke even without the analog controls. The game is huge first of all. This game with updated graphics is still better then almost any of the platform games to be released ever since it came out. Its an 8 at bare minimum and probably a 9 on the DS.



Amrulez commented on Nintendo Download: 11 January 2010 (North Amer...:

Just played some Chronos Twins and let me tell you its pretty cool. Its a platform game that you play on 2 seperate levels which are supposed to be 2 different time periods on your home world. You are there to try and take back your homeworld from the evil monster that came and destroyed most of it before some of your people escaped in space ships.

There are 2 options of controlling your character and while a little awkward at first you get used to it pretty quick. The game gets hard real fast as different parts of the game world are different in the 2 time periods and moves you make in one time period can kill you or hurt you in the other. You must stay alive in both time periods to move on.

You get a weapon upgrade fairly early and there are checkpoints spread out through out the levels. I say its a good game and worth the 1000 points if you like hard platform games.