A quick look at our comment sections and forums tells us that you guys love your adorable, farming simulator adventures, with the ever-popular Stardew Valley taking centre stage on Switch. While we all wait for that game's upcoming multiplayer update, though, you might be interested in checking out Harvest Life - another cutesy farming sim that arrives on Switch later this month.

As you'd expect from a game of the genre, Harvest Life lets you take care of your farm, fields, and livestock, mastering everyday farming life from the comfort of your own living room. You'll need to manage and expand your farm, finding happiness and even love along the way, with the weather and demands from local villagers impacting your busy schedule. Generating solid profits and high customer satisfaction will attract new customers, with the resulting boost in income being useful for purchasing new fields or animals.

As hinted at above, you can play the game with a second player in local multiplayer, sharing the different tasks with your loved ones for double the fun. We've got a full feature list for you below to tell you a little more.

Entertaining Farm Simulation: Create your own farm and successfully expand it
with new buildings that unlock new features.
Organic farming: Produce fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs or honey and sell your
products at a profit. Keep pigs, cattle, chickens, bees, etc.
Exciting adventures and challenges: Master a variety of challenging tasks and
adventures on the farm as well as in the forest, where wolves and bears are
Thrilling minigames: Face unexpected dangers and solve varied minigames with
Leveling System: Continuously improve your skills and become the most
renowned farmer near and far.
Find the love of your life: Experience a heart-warming story about true love
including dating and wedding.
Multiplayer mode: Shared fun is double the fun!

The game released on Steam towards the end of last year, but is making the jump to Switch on 30th November for some on-the-go farming adventure. It's expected to launch for €34.99 at retail, or €24.99 digitally.

What do you think? Does this one look right up your beautifully organised and lovingly designed street? Let us know with a comment.