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United Kingdom

Tue 13th Dec 2011

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nocdaes commented on Kirby & The Amazing Mirror:

Great to see a Kirby game amongst the free compensation games (sorry I mean Ambassador program...) and this is one I've never played, so happy days ahead.



nocdaes commented on 3DS Ambassador GBA Games Out Friday in Europe:

Pleasantly surprised by the quality of this line-up.

Mario Kart was already widely reported and was the most exciting inclusion but now that we have Minish Cap confirmed, I think this takes the top spot!

Genuinely looking forward to revisiting both of these games over Christmas!



nocdaes commented on Review: The Hidden (3DS):

I wonder if this will be released with a lower RRP, like £19.99?

I think it's a really cool concept and one that is well worth exploring in the future, but this particular version looks badly thought out and stripped down so probably on balance deserves the 1/10.

The idea of augmented reality within games is definitely worth exploring though and there are some exciting possibilities.



nocdaes commented on Review: Tales of the Abyss (3DS):

Great review. I've been looking around for some more details on this game to confirm my intentions of buying the game. I've only played Tales of Eternia on the PSP before this but that was such a great game that I'm really looking forward to getting onto this adventure.

It's currently sold out on Amazon UK but hoping they get some back in stock ahead of Christmas!