Exordium Games has revealed that Bear With Me, a noire, point-and-click adventure game, will be released on Nintendo Switch. The game is currently scheduled to launch in 'Q2 2018'.

Bear With Me follows the story of Amber, a young girl who is trying to find her missing brother, aided by her trusty detective teddy bear, Ted E. Bear (a truly inspired name choice, if we say so ourselves). The two set out to hunt for clues and to interrogate witnesses and suspects in Paper City.


- Story driven "horror" noir adventure game.
- Uniquely drawn 2D Art-Style and 2D animation.
- Dialogues and interrogations full of puns. Sarcastic, dark and funny from start to finish.
- Variety of clues and puzzles to uncover the mystery.
- Interactive and occasionally playable detective sidekick, Ted E. Bear.
- Simple hint system to avoid pixel hunting.
- Original Soundtrack.

Does this look like a pawssible new contender for your Switch library, or does it not seem beary appealing? We'll stop now before we get too embearassed.