ARMS is shaping up to be one of Nintendo's biggest new IP releases in quite some time, and its motion-controlled gameplay should see plenty of players getting up from the couch to exchange virtual punches with the opposition. However, if you'd like to take things a little further then you might be interested in Jabii, a new Kickstarter project which reminds us an awful lot of Nintendo's combat title.

Jabii is described as a "friendly boxing game" which features extendable gloves that take the power out of the punch, meaning that nobody gets hurt. The gloves connect to a smartphone application which tracks your performance, and sensors on the headgear pick up successful hits.

The team behind Jabii are looking to secure DKK 500,000 (around £60,000) to create the system, and are offering a range of different funding tiers - one of which includes three helmets and three Jabii gloves for $233 / £180.