Back in 1994, Sega and Nintendo were very much at war. The two companies were battling for dominance of the living room, with the Genesis and Super Nintendo firmly ensconced in millions of households all over the world. Keen to push its rival to the limit, Sega took part in a wide range of promotional activities - one of which was placing a massive exhibit of hardware and games in the Epcot "Innoventions" section at Disney World, Florida.

Very little footage or imagery exists of the installation, but iRetrogamer's Tyler Esposito has just uploaded some videos taken by his gaming-mad father which shows exactly what it was like.

Esposito first visited with his family in '94, encountering plenty of Sonic, Lion King on the Genesis, Virtua Fighter in arcade form and even some Sega Channel goodness. He returned two years later to witness Fighting Vipers and the 32X title Darxide, which only ever saw release in Europe.

Fast forward to the present day and Sega is no longer competing with Nintendo, but creates games for Nintendo systems as a third-party publisher. It's amazing how much has changed over the decades, and this footage is made even more fascinating by the fact that it arguably marks Sega's zenith in the west; after the mid-'90s the company would slowly but surely fade out of contention before exiting the hardware arena for good at the dawn of the new millennium. That makes it even more important to preserve footage such as this; it's a snapshot of a period which has now long passed.