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Video: This Charming Professor Layton Advert Sets the Scene

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A gentleman's farewell

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy is, unless Level-5 changes its mind, the last of this particular series; the Layton name will continue, but not in the same form or branding with everyone's favourite puzzle-solving, tea-drinking Archaeology Professor. Six games across two systems is a strong run, admittedly, but nevertheless it seems like a sad occasion.

With plenty of 3DS owners chewing over games to pick up this festive season, Nintendo UK has uploaded its TV trailer for us all to enjoy. Unlike so much of the marketing around the world from Nintendo, this is a commercial that targets older players, highlighting the ability of the franchise to infuse puzzle solving with storytelling to charm a variety of gamers.

We're left to wonder whether the series will return in future as a surprise, or whether another can pick up the baton of stylish presentation with fiendish puzzles. For our part we loved Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy in our review, while feeling regret that it was the end of an era. It's already out in Europe and arrives in North America on 28th February.

Check the video out below and excuse us, this writer has something in his eye...

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Tsurii said:

Argh, dem feels...I had a little tear in my eyes just from that 2 seconds of Layton crying. (people, who played unwound future will understand why...that ending - and the epilogue - was like the saddest thing I ever saw in a video game)



Of_Folsense said:

Well, the first statement said that this was to be "the last game to star Layton in the lead role", if I remember correctly, and then everyone assumed that meant "the last game to star Layton at all, and then "the last Layton game" (though now that Layton 7 has been announced, that is obviously untrue).
So I don't think it is wrong to assume that Layton may yet appear in another game, just not as the main character. I think it would be cool if they next released three (or six) games where you now are in an open-world London/other locations corresponding to the game where you switch between characters as the story goes on. This would open up new opportunities for fresh new kinds of puzzles (because I don't know how long they could keep thinking up puzzles, the way they are now, for three more games). There could even be some action game aspects and inject a little survival horror in there and voila! Fresh new Layton.



Mattiator said:

I doubt this is the last we'll see of the top-hatted Professor. At the end of Layton Brothers, they hint that Hersel Layton could appear in the sequel, calling it "just like old times". Though I wouldn't put them on par story-wise with the Professor Layton games (I can't comment on the gameplay considering I immensely dislike the whole "arbitrary puzzles" nature of PL, but adore the charming style and stories), it could lead to another franchise with Layton Sr. acting as a side character.



Lunapplebloom said:

They couldn't have chosen a better scene from Unwound Future to put in that trailer. The most touching scene of any Layton game period. I can't wait to finally get this when it hits the states.

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