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Physics-Based Puzzler BLOK DROP U Is Slotting Into Place On Wii U In 2014

Posted by Damien McFerran

Drop it like it's hot

BLOK DROP U — one of the first Nintendo Web Framework titles — will be hitting the Wii eShop early next year. Developer Michael Aschenbrenner got in touch with us to confirm the release date, as well as deliver a few details about the game.

BLOK DROP U is a physics-based puzzle title where the objective is to guide a red block to the bottom of the screen while destroying grey blocks along the way. The game will initially offer 15 levels for $1.99, but future level updates will be offered free of charge.

Aschenbrenner joined Nintendo's indie games drive in September this year, and has confirmed that BLOK DROP U is just one of the titles he's currently working on for the Wii U.

You can watch some gameplay footage below. Let us know what you think of this title by leaving a comment.

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MAB said:

I will get it if that cool fruity loops hip hop beat plays during the game... Freestyler wit puzzlin' up in this batch



AdanVC said:

As a fan of Puzzle games, I'm totally looking forward for this game. Looks cool!



withoutdk said:

it is fine with all these small games... but since ubisoft seems to have dropped out as is not funny anymore..

i will buy a ps4 after some time.. and use the wii u for mario.
a shame really.



XCWarrior said:

The price is right, but man, only 15 puzzle to start? I'll blow hrough those in 10 minutes with how not difficulty they look. Hope I'm wrong. Glad additional puzzles are free though.



LittleIrves said:

I'm a fan of independent game-makers having a chance at Wii U development... but come on, this just doesn't look good. Maybe I don't understand the limitations of Web Framework, but if this is the end result, I've overestimated its importance.

Sweet tune, though.



Gioku said:

This is really neat! ...I wanna be able to pump out games on the Wii U like this!



SKTTR said:

Since it's one of the first Nintendo Web Framework titles that demoes of what can be produced by 3 people in a few months I knew not to expect too much graphically. But if the game is fun, is running great, and has a good soundtrack, who cares, especially for just 1.99€?
However, 15 stages seem like it's way too short. Could be over in a few minutes. I hoped they meant something like 15 worlds with 10 levels each. But they're gonna update new stages for free so I might just trying it.




It does

After careful consideration, I have decided to launch with 30 stages, with 20 more coming Q2/Q3 2014, and a final batch of 30 in Q4 2014 for a total of 80 stages. Price will remain $1.99 throughout all updates.

Nintendo Web Framework is very powerful, but as an indie developer my skills are not there yet. I am always learning new techniques and can only grow from here.

Not a team of 3, just one person, made in my spare time.

Would like to thank everyone for their feedback, I didn't want to be that guy that responds to every post, but here at NintendoLife the comments are more constructive than elsewhere and deserve a response. Thanks again everyone!



XCWarrior said:

@RCMADIAX Ah, one man team. Size to start makes perfect sense then. Very cool. And like others said, price is right, and if you are aiming for 80 in the end, that sounds great. Puzzle games always a great time killer. if you want different types of feedback, let us all know, or do an interview with NLife, I'm sure they'd be up for it!

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