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Play Expo Confirms Nintendo's Attendance This October

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The first confirmed exhibitor for the area

As the Holiday season approaches, Nintendo will be stepping up efforts to get the Wii U and upcoming 3DS releases into gamer's hands to convince them that they're systems that they simply have to own. The UK arm of the company is doing its bit with various tours, including the Unleashed equivalent that's taking in major expos; as part of that promotion it's now confirmed that October's Play Expo 2013 in Manchester will feature a Nintendo booth.

Play Expo has announced that Nintendo is the first exhibitor to be officially confirmed for this year's show, and will appear in the area to show off current and upcoming releases. Nintendo's yet to confirm which games it'll have on show, but the official press release makes clear that the company is an important and valued part of the expo.

Nintendo have been supporting our events since the very first Replay Expo in 2010 so we feel it is fitting they are the first exhibitor we announce for Play Expo 2013.

Visitors to our show last year had the chance to get their paws on the Wii U in one of the UK’s very first hands-on displays of the new console and the Nintendo stand was one of the most popular of the entire show.

Play Expo 2013 will take place at EventCity, Manchester on 12-13 October 2013; it'll include four zones incorporating new game demos, retro gaming, competitive gaming for all levels and a Cosplay area. If you want to go along, be sure to check out the official Play Expo 2013 website.

Will you be hitting up Manchester for the event, and if so what Wii U or 3DS games are you hoping to play?

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smashbrolink said:

A shame I don't live in the UK.
I wish Nintendo would do more state-side events like this.
Especially in Southern California...



Ravravine said:

This is great, I went last year and got to play the Wii U which is what made me decide to buy it, hope they show off mario kart 8 and mario 3d world (very likely they will). Going again this year.



Relias said:

Personally.. I would say at one of these type things they have a Demo of the New Zelda U up and going.. (Whatever the title maybe.. ) also they need to unleash a Wii Sports U that is playable.. and surprise people by saying it is coming out this year... that would blow some minds.. (Believe it or not) or perhaps something like Fire Emblem for the U and say it will launch at the end of the year.. OMG.. you want to see Wii U have a good holiday season.. either of those titles would push it.. that being said.. they need to have demos ready world wide.. along with a small Nintendo Direct.. not in just one place.. get everyone hyped for their games at once.. this would help boost sales I think.. (Oh and more outlets having playable demos in America.. through out the US.. not a bad idea..)



eltomo said:

Man, got a wedding on the 12th in Sheffield. Any tips to convince the girlfriend to go?

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