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Ashes Cricket 2013 Pushed Back To July

Posted by Andy Green

Knocked for six

A few months ago 505 Games announced Ashes Cricket 2013 for Wii U, which was set to coincide with this Summer's Ashes series.

Bizarrely, considering the sport is quite niche in gaming terms, cricket titles in the past have received quite a cult following and you would not believe how many requests we've had here at Nintendo Life about Ashes Cricket 2009 over the years. No, really - we've had a staggering amount.

While the sport is not overly popular in North America, it's well-loved in places like Australia, South Africa, India, the West Indies and of course England, where this year's series will take place.

Unfortunately, Ashes Cricket 2013 has been pushed back to July in order to improve the overall quality of the game. Tim Woodley, Senior Vice President of Global Brand & Marketing at 505 Games, had the following to say about the delay:

Developer, Trickstar Games has taken the time to overhaul and rebuild the game engine to offer brand new features in batting, bowling and fielding. By pushing back our release date, this gives us the opportunity to deliver a quality cricket title.

No specific date in July was given but the Ashes will start on the 10th July so we'd hope it'll be out by then.

Australian studio Trickstar Games is behind the development of the upcoming release. Is it starting some sort of mind games by delaying Ashes Cricket 2013? Surely not.

Are you disappointed by the slight delay? Bowl your thoughts into the comment section below.

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GamerJunkie said:

hahaha Why woudl they even have this on WIi U? NO basketball, no football, no soccer, but this?




Kyloctopus said:

What a shame! Looks like I'm going to spend this $60 elsewhere. That Luigi game sounds like fun.



AltDotNerd said:

"I am disappointed by the delay of this game."
Said the one guy who's actually excited for this game.



rjejr said:

So this is a real game and a that's a real cover? Somebody keeps posting a shot of it and I just assumed it was a fake. Not so much b/c it's cricket - I live in the US but I know cricket is big worldwide, bigger even than Australian rules football, which I'ld much rather watch at 3AM than plain old rugby - but the cover photo w/ the 2 guys on it is SO UNBELIEVABLY BAD. It looks like a picture of Elvis and bigfoot posing in front of a UFO.



conman2012 said:

I was considering this one...seriously...The screen shots don't look very promising though. Region specific of course. Us down here we didn't get the dubious pleasures of Madden, and its a non EA sports game, thats a bonus.

PS - which one is elvis and which one is big foot?
Where is Mad Aussie bloke when you need him? Hes been posting about this for weeks.



dadajo said:

I am in the USA so no one I know cares about cricket, and I don't like sport games so... not getting this lol.



MAB said:

Yeah I found out the other day when I checked out EB but July is only a week away so MEH!

I feel sorry for the Americans that have to fall to their knees begging EA to give them a sports fix (same game from last year in a new box with the date changed)... Europe will get the definitive sport of the best nations in the world next month ho ho ho ho

I will just download NSLU and keep playin' Monster Hunter and Resi Evil Raid mode for the timeth being

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