Last year we told you about a rather awesome Link figuring being released in Japan, and a member of our team even imported it and showed it off. Max Factory also released a Samus figurine styled from Metroid: Other M, but in both cases they were only released in Japan.

It looks like Western distribution is at hand, however, as online retailer Big Bad Boy Store has stated that a licensing issue has been resolved, allowing a fresh production run to bring the figurines to the West in Q4; that's just in time for the Holiday season.

These figurines aren't cheap, of course. Link can be pre-ordered for $49.99, while Samus can also be pre-ordered for $49.99. In addition there's a Samus Zero Suit PVC figure, but that pre-order comes in at a whopping $99.99.

Pricey collectibles, but certainly tempting. Big Bad Boy Store is based in North America, but offers worldwide delivery. Are any of you tempted to splash the cash on these figures now that they're being produced for the West?