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Samus and Link Figma Figurines Finally Battle to the West

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

No more importing required

Last year we told you about a rather awesome Link figuring being released in Japan, and a member of our team even imported it and showed it off. Max Factory also released a Samus figurine styled from Metroid: Other M, but in both cases they were only released in Japan.

It looks like Western distribution is at hand, however, as online retailer Big Bad Boy Store has stated that a licensing issue has been resolved, allowing a fresh production run to bring the figurines to the West in Q4; that's just in time for the Holiday season.

These figurines aren't cheap, of course. Link can be pre-ordered for $49.99, while Samus can also be pre-ordered for $49.99. In addition there's a Samus Zero Suit PVC figure, but that pre-order comes in at a whopping $99.99.

Pricey collectibles, but certainly tempting. Big Bad Boy Store is based in North America, but offers worldwide delivery. Are any of you tempted to splash the cash on these figures now that they're being produced for the West?


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Azikira said:

I regret not being able to get the old-school samus figure for $14.99 when I found it in a store.



WingedSnagret said:

Very nice collectables, but not worth $50 in my case. Rather spend that money on the games the figurines represent.



Highwinter said:

These aren't actually "officially" being released in the west, they're just Japanese imports. You'd actually probably save a lot of money by just going directly through a Japanese retailer like AmiAmi.



bassoongoon said:

Man, I really want the link ones. However I would not buy them because they are so expensive.



Epicnessofme99 said:

So glad these are actually going to be available in the West, I remember wanting to pick up both of these but to import it would've been around $100-150 each, glad I waited.



Tasuki said:

They are nice but I agree with WingedFish I rather spend that money on games than a figure that will eventually be covered in dust.



Tindre said:

@Epicnessofme99 wow, that's a lot..!? I paid much less for mine. Hobbysearch and amiami are good places to order figures. They ship abroad and the figures don't cost an arm and a leg.



Varia01 said:

Both look AWESOME! If I had enough money, that Samus one will instantly go on my desk. That Link looks cool too, but I would get that Samus figure first.



Tony_342 said:

I would probably get one or two of them if they were a reasonable price, say $14.99 or so.



DarkLloyd said:

ugh, hopfully they are still available for sometime after as i still have other gets to get



FriedSquid said:

I thought these were already available? Ive seen them online. Guys also keep on mind that they have Pit and Dark Pit Figma figures as well, but I'm not sure if they're available here (I know I have seen them for online purchase however). Just so you guys know, Figma makes awesome figures. $50 is easily worth it.



Senate_Guard said:

Wow that's great! I'll finally have the chance to get a Samus figure! Metroid is the only series missing from my to-- err, collectables shelf!



Retro_on_theGo said:

ILOVEYOULOVEYOULOVEYOULOVEYOULOVEYOULOVEYOULOVEYOU!!!!!! Thanks for the heads up. Screw you Link! That Pit Figma is sublime!!! Must have! And seems some sights have it for as low as 3,202 yen! Sweeeet!!!



mikeyman64 said:

Thanks for the links. That really puts them in perspective. $50 is still a really nice price for some great desk bling though. I'll have to think hard about this one.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Be warned, the Samus figure is actually smaller than the average Figma figure, so it's pretty damn small. But Dat level of detail! <3



Trikeboy said:

1. Try or Charizard may still be in stock but I'm not so sure about Mewtwo. I have the first run Mewtwo which also came Mew. Blastoise is out next month and Venusaur is out in August. I have them on preorder too.
2. I paid about $30 each for them.
4. Sorry ^_^



Tony_342 said:

I've been thinking about these figurines for months now, and I finally decided to order them. I got both the $50 Samus and Link. While I still think that fifty bucks is a pretty ridiculous amount of money to ask for a plastic action figure (15 or 20 dollars would be much more reasonable), I just couldn't get these things out of my mind. I've always wanted some nice figurines that I could display on my desk. And Link and Samus are my two favorite Nintendo characters from my two favorite Nintendo franchises. I'll admit though, considering how expensive Legend of Zelda related statues and figurines have been in the past, these things are actually a pretty decent deal, comparatively.

They really are beautiful.

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