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Twenty Years On, It's Time To Check Out Benimaru Itoh's Awesome Star Fox Artwork

Posted by Damien McFerran

Freshly translated into English, too

Star Fox is twenty years old this year, and to celebrate that fact, translating powerhouse GlitterBerri has taken the comic intro to the Japan-only Star Fox: Mission File Printout guide and adapted it for English audiences.

Featuring the artwork of Benimaru Itoh, the guide reveals the back story of the game and interestingly introduces two Lylat Defence Force members — Desslar Coba and Bear Noguccini — who were responsible for providing vital intelligence but are MIA at the start of the game. These characters were never referenced in any of the other Star Fox titles.

It's amazing to think that Star Fox is now two decades old; we can still vividly recall the day we loaded it up and thought to ourselves that graphics simply could not get any better. Check out our feature about the making of the game here, and catch up with our staff round-table on the entire series as well.


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PinkSpider said:

Seriously I always feel the snes original gets left in a corner and the n64 game is always praised. Im sorry bit the snes game is easily imho the definitive game. The soundtrack alone is one of the best game soundtracks ever. This needs an immediate Wii u VC release and a HD remake with a full orchestral score. My dream would come true if it ever happens



Damo said:

@PinkSpider I totally agree, the SNES version is the king for me. The impact it had was just incredible. And yes, the music is also loads better! I love the opening level theme.



PinkSpider said:

@Damo oh I agree the corneria theme is awesome, how come these themes were not re used. The end credits music always reminded me of john Williams music. Do u have the soundtrack?



nik1470 said:

@Damo @PinkSpider you are both menwomenwhatever you are of taste. You have made me feel really old though still the Starwing soundtrack which is now on repeat in my head gives me a spring to my step.



rastamadeus said:

I keep hoping in each new Smash game that we get a stage not only using the original Starfox's Corneria music but the while graphic style for the entire stage. The Starfox's levels have always been a bit bland (where can we put the Great Fox this time?) so something unique like that would be awesome. Well I think so anyway.



aaronsullivan said:

Yep, SNES original is the best one. The music was SO disappointing in the N64 version. It always bothered me that there was such a big down-step in quality in that aspect.

I will say that I didn't think it was the best graphics were going to get. I had already seen better stuff on the PC, but like Nintendo always does they made a 3D game that played in an enormously satisfying way. Other 3D games at the time felt like experiments or simulations. Nintendo brought the fun.



Wilford111 said:

Even though I was never that big of a Star Fox fan, I'll agree that the music is amazing.



Freelance said:

Oh wow, Star Fox fans. Too many people hate it for various reasons, but Star Fox was the best game in the series for me. It had challenging levels, the infamous Black Hole, Space Armada (stage and music), voice acting (I actually preferred the gibberish to the actual voices in SF64) and the music (One of the best VG scores ever in history, and could do just as good if it was music from a movie). I love the graphics (one of the reasons people hate it) and I still believe it looks great even by today's standards.

SF 64 is a good game too, and I do like some of the music, but it pales in comparison to the superior Star Fox. I hate how Nintendo apparently wants to think Star Fox doesn't exist. Why don't they ever use the music in other games? Instead they use SF 64 music over and over. The only music I've seen from the original is from BRAWL, which isn't even a Star Fox game!

A loooong time ago, I mentioned in a forum (I forgot which) how I loved Star Fox's music and don't have the soundtrack. A total stranger replied to me and said he has the soundtrack, and would be willing to copy it for me at the low price of free. At that time I wasn't thinking of things like 'stalker' and whatever, so I never thought that this guy was 'bad,' I gave him my address and he did keep his word. I got it in the mail (with scanned images of the actual soundtrack) and I thought it was awesome. THANK YOU TOTAL STRANGER, WHOEVER YOU ARE. The soundtrack even had several arranged pieces that weren't in the game. Corneria Arranged is sooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood, honestly.

BTW, I love Benimaru Itoh's Star Fox artwork. I was introduced to it in the SF comic featured in Nintendo Power. If Star Fox ever becomes an anime or whatever, they should be modeled after his art!

My dream game is Star Fox as a 3D classic!! I do NOT want a remake. I want the graphics just the way it is!!

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