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Fresh Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Stock Arrives In The UK

Posted by Damien McFerran

The hunt is back on

Getting hold of a copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in the UK has been easier said than done since the game launched in March; the popularity of Capcom's beast-slaying epic has resulted in a situation where demand has far outstripped supply.

Thankfully, Nintendo UK has gotten in touch with us this morning to confirm that the situation has changed for the better, and that fresh stock is now available and in the hands of several popular retailers.

Here's what Nintendo UK had to say:

Nintendo UK is pleased to confirm that further stock of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U is now available from retailers including GAME, and Both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of the game continue to be available from the Nintendo eShop.

UK players: will you be picking up a copy now that stock is available? Post a comment to tell us.

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User Comments (12)



SuperSah said:

Absolutely fantastic game.

Over 78 hours in and only just started High Rank quests.

I recommend this to all. Playing on 3DS



NFreak007 said:

Weirdly it's the 3DS version I've been having trouble finding, not the Wii U version. My local GAME has had stock of the Wii U version since launch day, but I haven't seen a single copy of the 3DS version anywhere!



Nomad said:

Hope they get some physical copies here down under as they've been sold out everywhere and there's no way I'm going digital. I'm old school, I need my cases.



alan45238 said:

got a wii u so i could play this on online, but now i need the 3ds one so i can play it on the bus



Nomad said:

@Damo Thanks brother, classic game. That box art is one of my all time favourite pieces of game art. They just did some great game covers in those days.



Damo said:

@Pab They sure did. You cannot beat '90s boxart - esp Japanese Mega Drive boxart!

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