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Video: It's a Fighting Robot Controlled By a Famicom Controller

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Step aside, R.O.B.

Video game enthusiasts are often wonderful people, in that they'll do something unspeakably cool and awesome simply because they feel like it; that's why we rather adore quite a lot of video game culture.

We also like anything that fuses modern technology with retro gadgets, which is exactly what this Japanese genius has done with this Famicom-controlled fighting robot. It actually makes use of the bluetooth in a Wii Remote to communicate with the robot, though the control inputs are made with the 8-bit controller; the result is a game controller from the '80s moving a fairly impressively and endearing little robot.

The video below shows the little battler strutting its stuff and showing off moves, before being picked on by a hulking bully of a robot and then competing in a time sprint at the end. Get in contact, Nintendo, you have a new hero to promote, Non-Specific Action Figure-style.

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Karakato said:

Just love seeing that little bot in motion. Almost makes me regret not pursuing robotics... almost.



Capt_N said:

Haha, that's awesome! Looks built well enough to tolerate falling over a bit.



GTWarrior77 said:

Johnny 5 is alive!!! All of a sudden I am overwhelmed by flash backs from the 80's.

Anyone here old enough to remember Short Circuit back in the 80's?
Good times



Omega said:

^ Most people here are too old to remember their exact age, the years only evident by their wrinkled and parched faces, their trembling hands.

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