Video game enthusiasts are often wonderful people, in that they'll do something unspeakably cool and awesome simply because they feel like it; that's why we rather adore quite a lot of video game culture.

We also like anything that fuses modern technology with retro gadgets, which is exactly what this Japanese genius has done with this Famicom-controlled fighting robot. It actually makes use of the bluetooth in a Wii Remote to communicate with the robot, though the control inputs are made with the 8-bit controller; the result is a game controller from the '80s moving a fairly impressively and endearing little robot.

The video below shows the little battler strutting its stuff and showing off moves, before being picked on by a hulking bully of a robot and then competing in a time sprint at the end. Get in contact, Nintendo, you have a new hero to promote, Non-Specific Action Figure-style.