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Pitchford: Wii U GamePad is Nintendo's "Best Controller" for Hardcore Games

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

GamePad link is "direct, fast and immediate"

Aliens: Colonial Marines, from Gearbox Software, is a high-profile multi-platform title on the list of those making their way to Wii U, with confirmation that it's due in the "launch window" — up to 31st March — which means that it may hit Nintendo's console around the same time as its February release on other systems. That's positive news in itself, but studio director Randy Pitchford has once again weighed in with some complimentary comments on Wii U and its GamePad.

Pitchford has previously talked up Nintendo's system, talking in May about Aliens: Colonial Marines on Wii U being the "best looking" version. In a recent interview with Joystiq, he's directed his attention to the GamePad and what it can bring to the FPS genre. We already know to expect the iconic Aliens radar on the second screen, but Pitchford spoke about the controller's credentials in terms of its ability to offer play away from the TV, and made a dual screen comparison to rival options from Sony and Microsoft: Vita-PS3 crossplay and SmartGlass.

This is the best controller Nintendo's ever made for making an FPS. This is the best controller Nintendo has ever given us for playing hardcore games.

With the Wii U they (Nintendo) committed themselves to this promise. So the link is direct, fast and immediate. Things like SmartGlass and Vita, they appreciate the value of the promise so they're making the promise. But they're not in with such commitment.

Conceivably there's things you can do on all three without negative impact but because of Nintendo's commitment to it there are something's that could work there that just wouldn't work as well with SmartGlass or with the crossplay between PS3 and Vita.

It's a common line for detractors of Wii U to state that the innovation of dual screen play is nothing revolutionary, certainly not in comparison to the Wii Remote. Perhaps Pitchford has a point in that having a link that is specifically built in as a core part of the system, as opposed to an optional extra, will give Wii U capabilities in dual screen interaction and asynchronous multiplayer not possible as instinctively and successfully on other devices. Ultimately, the quality of games and how they use the GamePad will be the test.

What do you think about Pitchford's comments? Do you agree with his comments on the GamePad, and do you think the it'll be the ideal controller for FPS or "hardcore" games? Sound off in the comments below.


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Shanksta said:

I think that the different uses for the gamepad in different games will be the judge but from what I've seen so far is that alot of developers have good ideas of how to implement that second screen. Some of them are uninspired but even having easier access to menus is more desirable in my opinion. Hardcore to the max!



erv said:

All I know is that I've been able to absolutely OWN in black ops on wii due to my wiimote setup.

So, ehm, this better has that same pointing mechanism in place for me. At least something that precise. The only thing that came close to precise aim on analogue was the rubber banded perfect dark aim, but nothing has beaten the wiimote setup yet.

WiiU has much to prove in that regard.



OorWullie said:

@FrozenCthulhu How is he?Its a multi-platform game and he is saying that the Wii U will have the best graphics out the 3 and the controllers great.Don't see how that can be interpreted as promoting his game?Promoting the Wii U yes.By your logic he will be on the other consoles sites saying the same thing then about their version!



TruenoGT said:

The Wii U Gamepad features will be more widely supported than Smartglass or Vita because it's native to the system and every player will have it, period. See Kinect, Move, Motion Plus... All great technologies, but all utilized on a very limited basis compared to the overall library. On the same note and to @erv, I'm actually most concerned about reduced Wii Remote support as it's not included with the system. Yeah, there's a billion of them out there, but it's not guaranteed that every Wii U user will have one, so support will likely be a bonus rather than a given... which is really too bad for FPS games now that Wii U has the chops to handle any FPS game.



alLabouTandroiD said:

It most certainly is a great atmospheric fit for an Aliens game.
But i think Wiimote+ & Nunchuk are better for FPS games.



triforcepower73 said:

Just as long as the wii u doesn't turn into a place where the majority of games are FPSs like the 360 was.



Mk_II said:

immediacy of control will never be achieved unless the controller has a direct and prioritized connection to the heart of a console that has to be designed and equipped with that in mind. anything else will introduce lag.



nindocrash said:

"Conceivably there's things you can do on all three without negative impact but because of Nintendo's commitment to it there are something's that could work there that just wouldn't work as well with SmartGlass or with the crossplay between PS3 and Vita."

Well, we all knew this from the very start right?



Jack_Package said:

I echo the comments that this game needs wii remote pointer controls. I will be very disappointed if you can only play this with the GamePad.

I'm hoping that the revamped zapper, with the GamePad attachment, is used on this game.



WaveBoy said:

Sorry but the WIi remote + Nunchuck is the best controller/control scheme for first and 3rd person shooters. I seriously can't take these developers seriously when they harken back to this cumbersome archaic, clunky and dreadfully boring dual analog set up. Looks like i'll be passing on aliens, since it's just supporting the game pad. yawn. Hardcore? More like Snorecore.



Wildfire said:

I actually prefer the Wiimote+Nunchuck to play FPS! So here's hoping that they give us that option.



WaveBoy said:


Does a hunter take his dual analog controller or keyboard and mouse when he's on a hunt? lol I know these are just videogames, but in an open 3D world in the case of 3rd or first person shooteres, it's far more natural to point with your arm/hand as if you would in real life and take down enemies instead of rotating little silly nubs. I've been open to dual analog since the PS1 days and i'm completely over it. wake me up from this boring goop.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I'm not sure how easy it will be to point the GamePad at targets. If he's suggesting that you use dual-analog controls with the GamePad, then I'll take Wiimotes and Nunchucks over it any day.

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