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The Last Story Gets New Site and Iwata Asks

Posted by James Newton

Getting nearer

Europe's just 18 days away from The Last Story, and Nintendo wants to get you geared up with a new website and Iwata Asks interview.

The official The Last Story website has sections dedicated to explaining the multiplayer, item customisation and combat, but an obvious highlight is the music section which contains seven tracks from the game. The limited edition includes a seven-track soundtrack CD, steelbook case, art book and more.

Also be sure to check out the Iwata Asks for informative nuggets of RPG development.


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sketchturner said:

I love that NintendoLife has the release date for USA posted as "To Be Announced." Somehow, it fills me with hope.



Shworange said:

I'm rather jealous that Europe gets xenoblade and now last story before the US get one of them! Grrr



WhiteTrashGuy said:

The US gets so many more titles before Europe, I am glad that they're getting some love from Nintendo. The fact that these games have been dubbed already gives me hope for a US release for THE LAST STORY since I want it way more than XENOSAGA. Now just give me some info on PANDORA'S TOWER!



zezhyrule said:

There's no reason for the game not to be released here, right? So I'm not worried for now. I'm just hoping we get the Collector's Edition D:

Oh and I'm really loving the music. Track 6 is really nice especially. A lot of the tracks remind me of older FF games, and I really like that :3



Ren said:

There really is no excuse for not releasing it here (US), since most of the localisation work will have been done already, at least a limited release is an order. These games will breed new life into the Wii for it's final year. Skyward Sword was great but really not a lasting swansong, (it was short and pretty easy, and stupidly saved over the file without saying it would so I don't really feel like starting over just to collect everything. There is a warning but it doesn't say you'll erase all your progress and start with a dumb slightly harder mode at the beginning)



arrmixer said:

@ren yeah I had the same problem...

Pre-ordering Xenoblade this week and definitely getting this one when it comes out.... maybe pandora's title will be a Wii U title???



WiiLovePeace said:

Ah, I'm so excited for this game Finally beat Xenoblade a few days ago (clocked nearly 200 hours before I finished it) so now I'm ready to play The Last Story. Xenoblade is my all time favourite game ever, will The Last Story be even better than Xenoblade? I'm excited! !



originaljohn said:

I tried pre-ordering the Limited Edition version today on but just got a 'update the game status' button. Anyone else get that?

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