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Rhythm Heaven Wii Still Alive and On Course for the West

Posted by James Newton

Picks up a new name

The tentative name for Rhythm Heaven on Wii may have just been discarded, as the latest Nintendo release schedule has rechristened the upcoming beat 'em up (that's a pun.)

The official title for the North American release now seems to be Rhythm Heaven Fever, though it's spelt "RHYTHEM HEAVEN FEVER" in the document. It's still attached to a TBA release date though, so it could be a while off yet.

Europe, for you it's still called Rhythm Paradise (temp) and has a similarly unannounced release date.


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citizenerased said:

Lawl, typos in official documents.

Can't wait for this one, right up there with Skward Sword and Last Story as final games for my Wii.



LittleIrves said:

Can't wait. Played the demo at E3 and I must say, pushing one button in time to crazy on-screen antics is a lot more fun than you'd imagine. Spring at the latest, pretty please?



Thwiidscube said:

I can't wait for this game! I've seen videos of the Japanese version, and the minigames look awesome!



L-BLock said:

I'm in europe and I want this game very much.I don't want this game'll be JP EX -_-

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