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Play Lists Pilotwings for Wii, Pre-Orders Open Now

Posted by James Newton

Swooping in on a jet stream of rumours

You wait ages for one Pilotwings games, then goes and lists another one.

Pilotwings Wii turned up in the online store's E3 section, alongside games that actually were announced at E3.

Does Play know something we don't, or is it just guessing? We'll do our best to find out.

Thanks to user JettiBlue for the tip.


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sonicfanatic said:

I actually think this may be true cause Nintendo did say during the roundtable meeting that there are still several nintendo titles for wii not announced yet I have a feeling this is one of them



NESguy94 said:

Pilotwings Resort killed Pilotwings for me. I might get it if it is cheap or a download.



JimmyWhale said:

There's a lot of non-E3 stuff in that section too. I'm thinking they may have confused with the virtual console release of Pilot Wings on SNES. Or maybe they're finally putting Pilotwings 64 on V-con. Or maybe they didn't realize Pilotwings Resort was a 3DS title.

Hmm, wouldn't Pilotwings be cool to see on Wii U?



n0body said:

I just read through IGN's liveblog for both developer round-tables and nowhere does it say anything of the sort. The closest thing is Miyamoto being asked if Skyward Sword is Wii's last Nintendo game, to which he answers "I dunno..." and adds that SS was planned to give Wii a proper send-off during its development, should that be the case...
Not exactly a confirmation of anything... Quite the opposite I'd say

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