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Artwork for Heroes of Ruin Revealed and Removed

Posted by Trevor Chan

Square-Enix and n-Space's collaboration reverts back to secrecy

Since the European branch of Square-Enix trademarked Heroes of Ruin earlier this year, it hasn't taken long for details to emerge on the publisher's upcoming title; although nothing more than a few words and a piece of artwork, even all that seemed like it was a case of "too much information".

A reveal that Heroes of Ruin is an upcoming 3DS collaboration between Square-Enix and n-Space on the latter's Facebook page consisted of the lone piece of artwork, depicting a group of warrior-types each wielding a weapon along with the tagline, "Join the fun. More soon." All has since been removed.

With n-Space and its background of compelling DS first-person shooters, like Blood Stone 007, GoldenEye 007 and Call of Duty: Black Ops, it's not unlikely the studio is continuing its route down the handheld shooter path. On the other hand, Square-Enix has had more than its fair share of role-playing games on handheld consoles. Whatever Heroes of Ruin is, it sure is hoped that more will be announced at E3.


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daznsaz said:

to look at the picture its like a fighting game but i think it will be deeper than that should be good



daznsaz said:

just read a bit about it says it has online coop support 4 players voice chat supported daily challenges etc



FonistofCruxis said:

Online co-op? I hope that doesn't mean its an mmo. As much as I love rpgs, I've never been into mmorpgs.

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