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Cosmonaut's Inkub Nearly Ready to Brush with WiiWare

Posted by James Newton

Strategy-action game on the way

Cosmonaut Games is most well known for its deeply relaxing Dive: The Medes Islands Secret, but its next WiiWare project has nearly finished incubating and will be hatching soon.

Called Inkub, it's an action-strategy game with a great premise:

In a strange and distant world you will have to lead a bionic vegetative growth enterprise.

If that doesn't catch your interest, we'd be surprised. Tasked with protecting an incubator from an onslaught of enemies, you can upgrade your weapons and defences as you progress through the game's 40 stages. It looks a lot like tower defence in tubes, which could be an interesting twist on the well-worn genre.

There's currently no confirmed release date or pricing for Inkub, with Cosmonaut only stating that the game will be available "very soon".

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You are in INKUB: the Company that maintains and preserves species thanks to genetic engineering and high-level technology. Mixing genes from existing species, extinct and human, Inkub seeks the artificial creation of carbon based organisms to avoid their disappearance.

INKUB has a spacecraft navigating through different systems to offer their help to other civilizations with problems. It is in this spacecraft´s process plant where the embryos start their creation inside accelerated growth plasma incubators. However, bacteria, parasites, and other species that have evolved for years and live in the plasmatic liquid constantly threaten the growth of these embryos. Our objective is to ensure the growth of said specimens, eliminating the threats. INKUB has perfected defense systems within the incubation plants that must be used to end all threats and preserve the developing species.

The objective of the game is to defend an incubator containing a growing specimen. To do this, you will be provided with different weapons and powers that will help you destroy, pause, or block these enemies. These threats will try to enter the incubator through the Plasma tubes that connect it with the life-giving energy that makes them grow.

Each of the enemies will have special features (speed, resistance, range) and, likewise, the weapons and blockers will have other features (damage, range, speed...). A total of 8 different weapons will be available, all of them upgradeable, which you will obtain as you advance through the 40 rounds that make up the game.
The whole system is sustained by energy. Therefore, using that energy, you will be able to acquire and upgrade all of the available weapons. You can obtain energy by constantly improving the energy cells that appear on each round.

These are the main INKUB features

  • 3 Difficulty Levels: 3 different difficulty levels have been prepared so that you can adjust the game to you ability.
  • Adventure Mode: 5 different Worlds, each of them containing 8 rounds. A total of 40 rounds full of action, enemies and danger where you must prove your defense skills.
  • Survival Mode: Beat the record in each one of the game worlds in this non-stop mode, where each wave is stronger than the previous one.
  • Scenario Rotation: With an innovative play system, use the Wii Remote™ to rotate the level perspectives and access the rear tubes.
  • Sniper: Discover special rounds where you must point and shoot the enemies.
  • Enemies: Up to 21 enemy feature variations available.
  • Weapons: Up to 24 variations in all of the weapons at your disposal.
  • Files: Review enemies and weapons in the game files. Learn more about each of the available weapons and the enemy features.
  • Unlocking system: Unlock weapons, enemies and play modes as you pass each one of the Adventure Mode rounds.
  • Complete soundtrack with 7 songs performed by El Topo Negro.

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bro2dragons said:

this looks like a really good tower defense game. granted, the only ones i've ever played have been free flash ones, but i've enjoyed ones like Bloons Tower Defense, and this reminds me of that, so depending on pricing, it could be an addicting and worthy usage of Wii points,



Peznaze said:

Main twist on tower defence seems to be the "Scenario Rotation", which looks like you have several paths to defend at a time, not all of which can be seen at once. Could be interesting.



Sean_Aaron said:

After Dive, I think these guys are definitely worth watching. I'm not the biggest fan of this kind of game, but I really enjoyed Starship Defender on the DSi, so I'm open to the possibility.



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

I read "In a strange and distant world you will have to lead a bionic vegetative growth enterprise" and thought wow this will be a whole new crazy type of game. Now I read further and it's a space tower defense type of game and am sadly disappointed.



Kholdstare said:

Hmm... I guess I'm an Inkub hater!
And didn't El Topo Negro make the music for Dive:TMIS too?



accc said:

Looks like an interesting take on the tower defense genre. I'm not really into these types of games though. BTW will they ever release an update to Dive that lets you complete that game 100%?

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