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An Astro Bugz Revenge Trailer Crawls Out of the Woodwork

Posted by Trevor Chan

Sudden Games' puzzler looks to be a blast

Back in March earlier this year, we were fortunate enough to play an early build of Astro Bugz Revenge, an adaptation of the iPhone puzzler that Sudden Games is bringing over to the Wii Shop Channel. With the latest trailer available for all to check out, the game should get its North American release date finalised very soon.

Fusing elements not too disimilar from that of Puzzle Bobble, and the type of vertical shooting as seen in games like Space Invaders, Astro Bugz Revenge will have players utilising power-ups as they blast away at the various clusters of bugs in the cosmic setting of space.

With over a hundred levels to work your way through, and modes that will have you competing with another player, or working cooperatively, be sure to read our first-impressions to see if you'll be spending your points on this title.

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Stay tuned as we get word on the release date and pricing of Astro Bugz Revenge.


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Sean_Aaron said:

I really hope this does well so it can get a European release. You Norte Americanos buy it!




My kinda thang.

It better come over here yonder. I'm already waiting on a truck load of insta-DLs that NA already have!



Sean_Aaron said:

Unfortunately it looks like a European release is dependent upon North American sales. We'll have to cross our fingers across the pond!

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