Astro Bugz Revenge (WiiWare)

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Astro Bugz is an action-puzzle game with a retro vibe.

Protect our solar system from astro-bugz and blast them by matching 3 or more bugz. Pick up powerful power-ups and activate them to annihilate the incoming invaders.


  • Five boss battles
  • Valuable power-ups
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Fight over 5 planets
  • 50 challenging levels

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Posted by Bryan Griffin

Revenge is sweet

It's a tale that's old as time: a puzzle game is released that requires you to match up three of the same colour in order to clear the screen and advance through levels. It is inevitably compared to Bubble Bobble and Bejeweled, and usually labelled as a...

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News: An Astro Bugz Revenge Trailer Crawls Out of the Woodwork

An Astro Bugz Revenge Trailer Crawls Out of the Woodwork

Sudden Games' puzzler looks to be a blast

Back in March earlier this year, we were fortunate enough to play an early build of Astro Bugz Revenge, an adaptation of the iPhone puzzler that Sudden Games is bringing over to the Wii Shop Channel. With the latest trailer available for all to check out, the game should get its North American release date finalised very soon. Fusing elements not too..

First Impressions: Astro Bugz Revenge

Astro Bugz Revenge

Buggle Bobble

Please note that these impressions are based upon playing an alpha version of the game code. Changes are certain to be made prior to the final game release. If a developer is going to make a puzzle game that uses a well-established mechanic – such as matching three objects of the same colour – it's important to put a new spin on things, and thankfully that's what Sudden Games has..

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