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E3 2010: Raving Rabbids Travel in Time Revealed

Posted by James Newton

Heading to Wii in a washing machine

Ubisoft has an impressive record when it comes to Rabbids titles on Wii: since the console's launch in 2006 we've seen no fewer than four outings for the chaotic white bunnies, with last year's Rabbids Go Home the most recent and very decent title. Now, straight from E3, Ubisoft has announced another new title for Wii, Raving Rabbids Travel in Time.

Although we know next-to nothing about the game so far, we do have a trailer that promises more of the series' famed humour as the devilish white mammals change the course of history. Check it out below and as soon as we get more information, we'll pass it straight along.

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Archy said:

So this is the Back to the future game everybody rumored?
If so then this is awesome!



citizenerased said:

Go Home is very Katamari-ish. Enjoyable, but too repetitive and out of balance for my taste.

I'm guessing since this is a "Raving Rabbids" it won't have anything to do with it, though.



KaiserGX said:

Awesome! I love all the past games. Well I haven't played TV Party. I hope there's some customization like in Go Home or Raving Rabbids 2.



cnm_nintendo said:

Cool. I liked the first Rabid game and TV Party. Might pick this up but only after NL reviews this...



BulbasaurusRex said:

I'm still waiting for the one where Rayman pulls a Metroid 2 on the Rabbids to take back his planet.



darklinkinfinite said:

Awesome! This is probably better than any news from Microsoft's press conference as far as I'm concerned. The Rabbids are probably my favorite new IP (spun off from an existing IP)

The original Raving Rabbids was a classic as far as mini-game compilations go and while the two follow-ups weren't nearly as good, the humor was always there, and then Rabbids Go Home used the characters for what they probably should've been used for in the first place.



Atlantis1982 said:

"I'm still waiting for the one where Rayman pulls a Metroid 2 on the Rabbids to take back his planet."

He's too busy being a downloadable game on the other systems.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

Never owned any of the Minigame Rabbids, but I did play TV Party at a friend's house and it was pretty fun. But I did buy Rabbids Go Home which I thought was very fun. This seems like it's going to be another minigame collection, but it looks like it could be a great one....



ejamer said:

I hope this is more than just a mini-game compilation. That would still be ok... but Rabbids Go Home sold me on having the Rabbids (with all their humor) in more "real" games even if the collection and waggle got a bit too repetitive after a while.



Boonehams said:

Agreed. But I've never been much into mini-game collections. They're okay if you're used to having game parties and whatnot, but when I'm by myself, I prefer a more structured, goal-oriented game. I hope that we don't go back after taking a step forward.




Go Home was very good and actually quite well designed. This will most likely be a sequel to that funny platformer

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