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Odenis Studio Shows Interest in Returning to Its Glory Days

Posted by Trevor Chan

Hoping to turn those award nominations into wins

There's something quite appealing about playing strategy games on a handheld. Maybe because they're on a portable format and resemble more of what a high-tech 'battle device' might feel like in the hands of a war general. Maybe it's something else. Either way, DS owners might want to ready themselves for a potential return to odenis Studio's strategy roots.

In a recent interview with Cubed3, the founder of the French development studio — Olivier Denis — talks about the inspiration that went into the development of Pop Island for DSiWare. Other talking points include the offline and lack of online multiplayer modes, and the work that went into creating three different particle engines in order to render the 2D, weather and particle effects that make the game look the way it does.

Even more interesting though was the notion of returning to the company's strategy series, Glory Days. With two titles in that series already under its belt, Denis is keen to make another and shows his enthusiasm by stating:

We had a lot of nominations; from IGN for the Best Action Game on DS 2007, Best Use of Sound, Best Local Multiplayer, Best Music. On 1UP, Glory Days was nominated for the Best Strategic Game of 2007 award. Next time we hope we can transform nominations into awards.

Sounds good to us! The first two generally gained good reviews and with the possibility of seeing odenis Studio developing games for WiiWare, we might even see some action strategy cropping up on the big-screen. Although if the series remains on the DS, we won't mind at all.


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Crunc said:

I didn't realize there was a sequel to Glory Days. When did that come out and what's it called? Glory Days 2?



KDR_11k said:

I've already tried to get my Glory Days fix from the iPod but the two similar games I downloaded (Bunker run and Armor Raiders) just aren't as good. A new portable version of GD would need single cart multiplayer, it's clearly a multiplayer game but since it's a niche game you won't have other people with their own copies around.

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