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Flowerworks Coming to PAL Land

Posted by Sean Aaron

WiiWare floral fireworks game getting extra features for European/Australiasian release

The folks at Nocturnal have just let us know that their WiiWare debut, Flowerworks is coming to PAL territories with a new subtitle: Follie's Adventure.

Flowerworks was something of a pleasant surprise when it was released last December in North America, so we're glad to see people in Europe and the developer's home country of Australia (as well as neighbours New Zealand) will finally get a chance to buy it from their own Wii Shops. It's already been cleared with all the ratings boards (PEGI 3+, All Ages USK/Australia) and has a release window pencilled in for the 3rd quarter.

What might make North American owners of the game a bit jealous is the addition of extra features to the game to go along with the enhanced title, including:

  • Two player co-operative play, allows a second player to join in the fun on any level.
  • New Beginner difficulty level for younger and less confident players.
  • New Mastery difficulty level for advanced players, looking for the ultimate Flowerworks challenge and scores.
  • Three additional languages (Spanish, German & French).
  • A new, special reward for any player that completes the game.

With those extra features we're almost tempted to buy it again; it certainly would seem to make the wait worthwhile. To find out why we think so highly of it, you'd best read our Flowerworks review!

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KnucklesSonic8 said:

People in EU are very fortunate to get these enhanced features, including co-op! I agree that even I'm tempted to buy it again (if I had a EU-based Wii, that is).



SKTTR said:

One of the most interesting NA exclusives finally arriving in EU
I will get this. Looks great!



Yasume said:

Yeah, I'll probably get this too, but I should go through the reviews again. 1000 points seems a bit too much for this game.



Reala said:

been wanting this for a while, extra features sound nice too, can't have enough puzzle games it seems



jhuhn said:

You can drop the + as the PEGI ratings just use the number in their ratings, so it's 3.

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